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    I am experiencing a sync problem with BB Calendar using DM to sync with Outlook. I have a BB 8350i, going on 15 months now. Until a month ago, I used google sync, purchased the MSOffice Outlook 2007 and changed my sync to Desktop Manager. My DM is 5.0.1 and Device Software is 4.6.1313. The calendar sync was working, I have FB (don't recall the version) and a few Today theme's. About 3 days ago I deleted an app (can't remember which one) and then only Facebook calendar entries registered on my today theme. I found the thread here that instructs how to delete the Facebook calendar files in order for it to not be the default, but I believe I also deleted the service book for the calendar associated with my email and now Outlook will not sync the calendar. I was able to undelete that delete, but I think the damage was already done. Contacts, Tasks, and Memo pad are all fine.

    [In all this process, I have also deleted the facebook application and myspace application]

    I have followed instructons to clear the calendar and restore to a back up copy using DM, but it does not add the calendar back in order for DM to resister it is there for syncing.

    As I have already completely restored all the files from a back up copy, would it be of any use to wipe the handheld to factory settings? Then begin to load apps one at a time?

    I'm ready to go get a new phone! I was so excited to find out how to load all four of my family calendars in Outlook to the BB thru DM I am impatient to get the sync to work.

    Please HELP! Responses are appreciated. If I can provide any other information, let me know.
    05-13-10 08:08 PM