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    Here is my device information: personal use Curve 8530 with Sprint, Device Software, Desktop Software (what ever we upgraded to most recently), Outlook 2007 on Windows XP

    Please forgive me if the answer is posted somewhere, I've spent a week looking for it. I'm certain the issue has to do with a setting somewhere either in DM; my device; or Outlook. Two of these three variables have changed in the last 40-45 days so I am not certain which is the culprit.

    Since becoming a BB User, I have looked for my solution to sync my work calendar with personal calendar. The best solution for me was when I started adding myself to meeting invitations on my work calendar using my personal email address. This was working up until either the DM upgrade Nov/Dec or because I had to replace my phone through Sprint due to water damage. These two things happened at about the same time.

    Because I backup my device frequently, I was able to restore my data when I received the replacement. But unfortunately my device no longer accepts meeting invitations.

    When my personal BB receives the email invite from my work address, I am not able to select Menu at all. The BB does not respond, as if I was not giving it a command. Previously I would select the BBMenu button, then select Accept.

    Either this is a setting that is not fixed by restoring my calendar or something has changed and I do not know how to fix it.

    My calendar options do show two calendars, the device default and my email address calendar. In following other calendar threads, I removed something from the service books area, but all that did is cause me to not be able to sync with outlook. Once I restored the calendar again, my sync from outlook to the device is working again.

    Ultimately, I will continue to let email meeting invites go to outlook and accept the invite there, then sync DM to outlook. This gets the job done, but I sometimes setup meetings during the day for the same day. I can only sync with Outlook via DM at night, so I might miss things.

    Any guidance is appreciated.
    01-11-11 09:07 PM
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    Strange that the Menu button doesn't do anything in that situation. With something weird like that, I'd take it to the Sprint store and show them. Maybe send yourself an appointment invitation beforehand so you can open it at the store and show them what's going on.
    01-14-11 02:53 PM