1. neilton's Avatar
    I have the blackberry curve 8530 through Virgin Canada; Recently been having an issue with Blackberry Messenger, I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times; the issue is that every time i shut off my blackberry, the same two contacts of my 15 contacts in my list are both deleted and i have to constantly , everyday re add them- they dont dissappear from my list , but i do from their list and when i send them a message its asks if i want to re-invite or re-add them....and i do then its good for that day...

    Anyone have any ideas??
    09-21-10 11:56 AM
  2. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Weird, have you tried reflashing the OS?
    09-21-10 12:11 PM
  3. fd2nw's Avatar
    Try deleting the BBM messenger or just doing an upgrade of your current messenger and see what happens from there.
    09-22-10 10:40 PM