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    im loving the future.....already

    so i was fooling around on Myspace and came across a barcode....and i scanned it ..and all of a sudden it takes me to the guys myspace on my phone...so after a quick google search..i wanted my own.

    apparently the folks at Nokia have been on this barcode thing for a while..and now you can create your own

    mobilecodes . nokia.com/terms.htm

    (take out the spaces my post count isnt 10 or more )

    just accept to the terms and you can create a linking barcode a text..and even a v card..i don't know how the business vcard one works but the other two are pretty cool try it for your self

    oops i tottally didn't see the other thread about this...my fault im a noobie
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    07-23-09 12:34 PM
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    lol dont beat yourself up about it, there are duplicates everywhere

    Yup Nokia sure have been using it for a while. I remember messing about with it on my N95 and that was ages ago now.
    07-23-09 01:18 PM