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    Hey folks - I'm pretty much a newbie, but I've been soaking up the help on this site for a few months now. Great resource - thanks all!

    My wife and I are both new berry owners (Storm1 / Tour). We like to share our calendar and have been using Google Sync for this, but there are several glitches that are driving me a bit up the wall (all re-occurring events shift back one hour during daylight savings time; all re-occurring events turn into single events when Google is done with them).

    I'd like to get rid of Google Sync entirely, if possible, but I want something just as easy / seamless.

    Is there any way to automatically invite specific attendees to all calendar events? For example - can I ALWAYS invite my wife to my calendar events and she ALWAYS invite me . . . without going through the hassle of clicking on the "invite" button and then searching for eachother every time we add an event.

    Thanks folks - any input would be appreciated . . . even if it is help with the Google Sync issues.


    PS - I'm on Verizon, running OS, if that makes any difference at all. (SERIOUS improvement in the OS, in my opinion!)
    11-08-09 01:39 PM