1. biznatch's Avatar
    When I delete an email from my webmail it's still on my BB. When I delete an email from my BB it gets deleted from my webmail. I believe this is normal behaviour for BIS (although, is there any way so that when I delete from webmail it is also gone from BB?).

    I have my BB set to Keep Messages for 6 months. When they automatically get deleted after 6 months, will they also get deleted from my webmail? From what I can tell, they don't, which is good...I want them off my BB but still want them on my webmail. I'm basing this on the fact that I have lots of email older than 6 months in my webmail, which would all be gone if the BB was causing it to be deleted as well.

    So it seems that manually deleting an email on my BB sends a signal to my webmail to also delete the email there, but when it's automatically deleted it will stay on my webmail...do I have this right?
    07-28-10 04:04 PM