1. derande's Avatar
    i have set the audible alert for BBM 5.0 group to "none" in my normal profile setting:

    profiles > advanced > edit (normal) > BBM groups > out of holster > none

    because i don't want it beeping every time someone in chat sends a message or update.

    this works when i set notification to none and save the profile but EVERY TIME i do a battery pull, this option default back to "tone". so after every battery pull i have to go edit the profile again to "none" or else i get beeped all day.

    none of my other settings change after a pull except for this one.

    any ideas why or does anyone else have this issue?

    if i can't resolve this, i'm just going to back out of the BBM groups - it's way too annoying.
    10-23-09 09:07 AM
  2. duck383's Avatar
    i have the same issue w the alerts changing back and when my phone is in standby (i use autostandby 2.41) i hear no alert tone at all, so its not an issue even w autostandby disabled and manually put phone on standby by pressing top right corner still no alerts from groups
    10-23-09 09:46 AM