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    Hey, I'm trying to get gmail set up on my new Tour.

    Aside from the long waits for "web > BB" syncing of read, delete, and archive, it's working pretty well.

    One thing I really want is the assign a hotkey to the "Archive" command. I NEVER delete anything from my gmail box, so it's pretty annoying to have to go into the menu and find "archive" any time I want to take action on an email.

    Hitting the "delete" key is so much more convenient. Is there any way I can set a similar hardware key shortcut for the "archive" action? Additionally I'd love to remove the "delete" keyboard shortcut to eliminate deletion mistakes!

    BTW, is there any way to immediately undo the deletion of an email off the BlackBerry? I'm not talking about days after the fact, just in the 10 second window after you hit delete. Like how gmail gives you a grace period after any action.

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