04-06-11 04:18 AM
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    correct, it was out on the 10th of february. Im still a little shocked though since it did get a ton of sales, over 1 million that weekend or whatever.

    On the 6.1 thing, here are my thoughts. Outside of CB no one knows of the new BBs or 6.1 imo, they also dont know about OS 7 (QNX) coming. I So most people will be very happy to see the new BBs once released. They will have no clue about the early 2012 launch of QNX HHs until they happen to go into a store and see them. Then they might be a little ticked but i would imagine not like people on here are about the short life of a new OS 6.1 device. I will be interesting to see how the timeline actually plays out and when QNX HH are released.
    Bingo. They'll go into a store and try a few devices, and if they like it, they'll buy it. What the 6.1 devices will have going for them is they should perform similarly to most other high-end phones. I doubt a sales person will tell them not to buy because the next big thing is coming 'some time next year'.

    And even among those of us who do know OS 7 is coming, some of us just won't want to wait until then anyway. I never did have that kind of patience.

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    04-04-11 02:32 PM
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    RIM is in a much better position than Motorola Mobility right now. Motorola is selling Millions of devices (expected to sell close to 10 million this quarter) and losing Millions of dollars per quarter in the process (expected to post a 62 Million dollar loss), and they aren't even having to put in the type of R&D on the OS that RIM is. Analysts keep revising down the Xoom sales figures for this quarter and keep revising up the losses. RIM definitely needs to improve their offerings, but at least they are turning profits right now.
    04-04-11 02:34 PM
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    New devices are on the way.

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    04-05-11 06:49 AM
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    Eh. as long as BIS is still up and running without falling down the sewer, i'll be happy

    Otherwise, I don't care.

    Rim is planning as they go, I haven't heard a single thing in the news saying they're dropping in stocks either. I do occasionally look at the business section case anybody wasn't aware.

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    04-06-11 04:18 AM
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