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    I've experienced several times that apps from the app world have not worked fully on my 9900 running OS 7.
    And I think it would be much better if RIM could sort out what works and not with our different OS'es.
    People have reported of brickd phones afer some apps.

    But my main point is that if RIM will focus on app developing from now on,
    It would be great to have them in categories : OS 5/6/7/10, and if they are capable of running on your phone or not.

    And another thing, it would be really helpful if the app developers could inform thru App store if the apps are running in the background or not.

    I guess the app store will be updated and polished on OS 10, but take notice RIM, please.
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    02-14-12 05:21 PM
  2. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    App World is already sorted that way, you just don't see it. Apps that are not compatible with your device won't be shown to you. If they are listed wrong by the developer, that's a different story.
    02-14-12 06:51 PM
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    Apps that don't work are listed as not compatible/not supported.
    What I mean that some apps are not tested out good enough.
    And what I'm getting at that new apps for OS7/OS10 should be listed differently. I'm not that interested in old apps for older OS's, even if their polished to be compatible.
    02-15-12 09:04 AM