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    I downloaded the latest update for App World, everything showed up in Euro dollars! I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and nothing has changed. How do I get back to US dollars?
    10-08-09 02:35 PM
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    10-08-09 04:04 PM
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    You're really cool.
    10-09-09 03:59 PM
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    I know, right? Using the Search button is cool. Or even better, look in the exact sub-forum you posted in and you'll find additional threads about this. In fact, I'm so confident, I will edit this post with a link to as many threads as I can find about this.

    EDIT: Here's a bunch. Hope you find some answers.

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    That's 12 results off searching the word "Euro".
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    10-09-09 05:21 PM
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    Glitch, no one likes an *******. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. What would your mother think that just because your using a resource board to pick on people that ask questions. ITS A RESOURCE BOARD. If he asks a question, maybe instead of wasting time bringing his self esteem down (and making yourself look like an ***) you can help this person like what humane people do.

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    10-09-09 05:32 PM
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    I am helping him. If it wasn't me, it would've been someone else. This question has been asked over and over and over again since the release of .230. With simple forum etiquette, he could have easily opened his eyes, looked around just about any Native App or OS forum and seen this question asked many, many times before.

    Honestly, no one should have to help him, he should be capable of helping himself. If someone's smart enough to post a thread in a correct forum asking a question, they're damn well smart enough to search or peruse around forums to find an answer to their question.
    10-09-09 10:57 PM
    I did a search on this item, this thread came up and I clicked on it and all I have have read is the ramblings of Glitch. Help someone out or shut the **** up. your on a forum, there is nothing to prove here.
    10-27-09 11:32 AM