1. fayek's Avatar
    seriously people! someone PLEASE explain to me why the **** are they not allowing certain countries to download app world.

    also please explain to me how : having a bunch of apps only downloadable from app world ( famous apps at that like shazam ) but keeping a bunch of coutries out of reach for app world. is a good strategy.

    its bad enough that most decent bb apps already cost around 5 $ minimum. which i hate! but now they're just ******* with us!!!

    at least have the decency to provide OTA links for non app world approved users!

    its like crackdealers who treat the junkies who buy from 'em like **** because they know they're not gonna up and quit using.

    same here, personally as ****ed up as this is among other things, there is no way i can stop using a blackberry. i just love it too much.

    but at least i can rant my heart out in hopes someone hears me out

    i already have app world on my phone so it's not an issue for me ( or its not anymore, it used to be ) but im upset for all the people who want to get certain apps wether paid or free but just can't.

    my 2 cents.

    02-13-10 02:39 AM