1. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    I'm running BB App World on my BB Bold 9650. I can't seem to login with my email and password. If I try and request my password, it says the answer is incorrect and I keep getting locked out.

    Anyone else having issues with this release? Anyone know where I can download a previous release without issues?
    11-10-10 08:58 AM
  2. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    No thoughts or help?
    11-12-10 10:31 AM
  3. njaremka's Avatar
    you need to sign up for a blackberry id. it is different from the previous 1.0 app world login. you will need to go to BlackBerry App World from your desktop computer to register.
    11-12-10 10:47 AM
  4. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    I tried to register through my computer using my email address, however it says it already exists. So then I answer the password question and BB says its wrong and then after so many times it locks my account.

    Any idea on how to delete my email address from being an account to start over? Or for BB to accept the actual password I have entered?
    11-15-10 10:58 AM