02-28-12 12:34 AM
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  1. lc474's Avatar
    With all the negative press and doom and gloom, thought it would be interesting to hear some good news from people, so has anyones BBM contact list actually grown the last year? Personally, mine actually has, not sure if I just have more friends lately or more friends with blackberrys.
    So has your BBM contact list grown/expanded??? If so, why do you think it has?
    02-09-12 09:55 PM
  2. kevinnugent's Avatar
    Um, no. Sorry. Down to one BBM contact from 54 a few months ago. sigh.
    02-09-12 09:58 PM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    No I'm trying to convince my friends and family to get a BlackBerry but they aren't listening. I have one irl friend left. Boooo.
    02-09-12 10:00 PM
  4. stackberry369's Avatar
    I have 0 bbm buddies
    02-09-12 10:02 PM
  5. bbmme's Avatar
    nope! down to one "real" friend now eh but i am a blackberry for life!!! unless they get bought out lol
    02-09-12 10:18 PM
  6. Resist28's Avatar
    I have a group of 7, down from 9. The group I am in is a bunch of old friends that can't part with the group so everyone continues to buy blackberries.
    02-09-12 10:33 PM
  7. jafobabe's Avatar
    I have a total of 3, my daughter turned into a 'droid.. so down to 2. Picked up a new BBM from a friend here on CB.

    So Back to 3 on BBM....... I do have more contacts on SMS.

    Yes, I have a sad life.
    02-09-12 10:37 PM
  8. fernandez21's Avatar
    Hi, I'm new to blackberry, but is there anyway to know if people on my contacts list have bbm? Besides asking them all of course. Thanks.
    02-09-12 10:37 PM
  9. up488's Avatar
    I've gained 3 since the beginning of the new year. 2 of which have converted back to BB after leaving for greener pastures only to discover the grass wasn't so green!
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    02-09-12 10:38 PM
  10. Silverfern's Avatar
    just got BBM recently (although had blackberry for 2 years), just 3 contacts
    02-09-12 11:09 PM
  11. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I have quite a few. Over 20.
    02-09-12 11:25 PM
  12. mithrazor's Avatar
    2. From 0. I was surprised some of my friends actually ended up getting a BB.
    02-09-12 11:44 PM
  13. berryaddictnoza's Avatar
    I'm losing my last BBM contact (my oldest daughter) as she is planning on getting an iPhone
    02-09-12 11:45 PM
  14. Mar17's Avatar
    Yeah, 6 of my friends went to other devices. No biggie to me though, I don't really care much.
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    02-10-12 12:16 AM
  15. BBPandy's Avatar
    Um, no. Sorry. Down to one BBM contact from 54 a few months ago. sigh.

    Me, I lost quite a few last summer, but then in the fall & this spring I've gained a number back. Some are new, 2 are former BB users who have returned from iworld. Overall my contacts have increased, alas, most contacted contacts left to iPhones & it doesn't look like they are coming back One of them was the last person I would have expected to leave, however it seems even though he loved his BB, he liked co-workers giving him a hard time about using it even less.
    02-10-12 01:24 AM
  16. NJPhilliesPhan's Avatar
    No, I only use it with my GF. And that may even go away since she is highly considering Apple or Samsung.
    02-10-12 02:11 AM
  17. Locksheema's Avatar
    Wow, BB is pretty big in South Africa due to BIS. I have 88 contacts. 19 of those are family members (immediate + in-laws; etc) 45 are friends; the other 24 are work colleagues & customers.
    02-10-12 02:55 AM
  18. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    I have 44 contacts right now, just got a client yesterday, I figured out she had a BB when I saw the R beside the email I sent her.

    Last week I got an android developer (programer by day) friend on BBM, he then went to devcon and got a PlayBook and he's truly impressed. His bbm list is growing and last night he bbm-ed me saying: I'm listening to your bbm music on the blackberry and typing this on the PlayBook, amazing.
    02-10-12 03:05 AM
  19. evil.bunny's Avatar
    I'm gaining friends. The Blackberry is picking up here in the Philippines, especially with the affordable data plan packages. I gain more than I lose (to Android and iPhone). I rely on Whatsapp for those jumping ship.
    02-10-12 03:59 AM
  20. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    (beat me ...)
    I'm for sure a pure BB defender ... but only started using BBM ... ahum ... a week ago, to join a famous group with "crazy people inside" (TM)
    Encountered my overall English level limits, many expressions, contractions or slang made my understanding difficult. Happily, there's an animal to decode sometimes !

    So yes, my list grow !
    02-10-12 04:26 AM
  21. Italianemperor's Avatar
    Just lost my last BBM contact to apple last night. Was hoping RIM would launch a retension program...
    02-10-12 07:10 AM
  22. stick_slinger's Avatar
    Yes - my has grown.

    I wish more of friends could understand the beauty and benefits of Blackberry.
    02-10-12 07:16 AM
  23. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    I've actually been losing BBM contacts to android and iPhone devices
    02-10-12 07:16 AM
  24. BoldPreza's Avatar
    Its held steady. All the ones I lost were recouped with new people. Actually I am a little ahead sitting at 46 from 41 this time last year.
    02-10-12 08:43 AM
  25. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I actually add new contacts every week!
    Sure, some people have gone to other makes of phones, so I have to SMS with them, but by posting in these threads there are a ton of great people to talk to and I usually get an invitation or invite someone to be buddies. BBM will always be an integral part of my day and life.

    Oh by the way, I have 0 family on my list as 0 of them have berries.

    PS I would be happy to add anyone to my contact list if you PM me. :-)
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    02-10-12 08:46 AM
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