04-16-10 06:30 AM
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  1. dawgsneeze's Avatar
    This is probably the most underrated application on a BlackBerry. I just counted and I currently have 48 passwords stored. Just curious if anyone else out there enjoys the keeper as much as I do.

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    05-28-09 10:14 PM
  2. capt insaneo's Avatar
    I have to agree. I have several PC's at home, work and accounts all with different users and passes. Without this program I would be lost.
    05-28-09 10:23 PM
  3. CBRfanatic's Avatar
    i just started using it, but i use 1password on my mac a lot and am slowly transferring info over, its pretty awsome.
    05-28-09 10:27 PM
  4. phatboy5015's Avatar
    Yeah I uninstalled this right after I got my Pearl. Then, recently installed it just to fill up my Home Screen after I deleted another one of my apps. Haha. OCD, I know..

    But yeah, Password Keeper is awesome.

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    05-28-09 11:04 PM
  5. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    It is awesome. I use a third-party app currently, but did like PK when I did use it.
    05-28-09 11:32 PM
  6. todbanner's Avatar
    I used to use it, however I now use keepass on my pc. Its supposed to have a BB client but I have never got it to work. Password Keeper is a great app. I would still use it if it didn't mean double entry into it and keepass on my pc.
    05-28-09 11:44 PM
  7. BlackjackBailey's Avatar
    I also uninstalled it when I first got my Curve, but I've recently reinstalled it - currently I have 21 entries stored in it. And to think I was trying to keep all those combinations stored in my head!

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    05-29-09 12:00 AM
  8. raoult's Avatar
    The Keepass blackberry application syncs flawlessly with the desktop database. I used PK before I got into Keepass, but there is no way I could go back now.

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    05-29-09 01:40 AM
  9. Xopher's Avatar
    I use KeepPass as well and find it very useful. I like hte fact that the database can sit on the SD card. There is a PC version which can sync the database (when the database is in the BB's internal memory - ohterwise, you manually import), so passwords show up both on PC and BB.
    05-29-09 07:27 AM
  10. Curve63049's Avatar
    Hmmm . . . I currently don't use Password Keeper (though I haven't deleted it yet). The passwords I have the most trouble remembering are those *assigned* (versus created by me) at work - especially those used in 3rd party applications.

    Example: Lexis/Nexis (legal research/database). These types of programs usually have those random long combination (alpha-numeric) passwords that it's nearly impossible to make a mnemonic for.

    Instead, I use MemoPad and create a memo titled say: Ms. Lexis Devine into which the password goes (sometimes even cleverly "disguised" as a phone number or an order/invoice number).

    I use the security time out feature on my BB, so after about an hour of non use, my BB is "locked."

    My own "created" passwords are based on a couple of random sentences like: Brandi was a fine girl, the 1 I know was 4 me = bwafgt1Ikw4m; or Madam Speaker the 44th President of the United States = MSt44Potus. Those I don't have much trouble remembering. (btw: no I don't use those - or anything like it -I just made those up).

    I'd be interested, though, in thoughts on how PK could improve on that. Thanks.
    05-29-09 07:28 AM
  11. Rob Tuli's Avatar
    I use it all the time and have all my passwords to various business and personal things. I use to keep passwords on a spreadsheet but this is much easier and more convienent.
    05-29-09 08:05 AM
  12. andronimo's Avatar
    Where do i go to download password keeper?
    06-04-09 06:45 PM
  13. kneescraper's Avatar
    Is there a way to back up PK? I lost all my data in PK when I did my .148 update.....now its empty.......
    06-05-09 12:32 AM
  14. FF22's Avatar
    PK data is stored with other backup data if you did a backup using Desktop Manager.

    I think that I've read that using ADVANCED, you can actually chose which things to restore rather than restoring everything.
    06-05-09 12:53 AM
  15. kneescraper's Avatar
    Thanks. I will try agian......all I could get it to do was restore the PK without the data.....Thanks again....
    06-05-09 12:56 AM
  16. New2BB11's Avatar
    Password Keeper really helped me the other day when I was ordering concert tickets from work.
    06-05-09 10:15 AM
  17. agirl65's Avatar
    I'll be honest. I've never used this and even took it off my berry. After reading some of these posts, I'm wanting to try it. Thanks for sharing!
    06-05-09 10:18 AM
  18. bumblesbounce's Avatar
    I had dismissed PK as goofy but reading the posts helped me see its utility...no more shredded, tattered slips of paper floating around the house!

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    06-06-09 07:47 PM
  19. Username0223's Avatar
    Yep! I'm a p/w keeper user too!!! For all my bill paying online for each acct-its convient for sure!

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    06-06-09 08:21 PM
  20. Rob Tuli's Avatar
    I think Password Keeper is a great and use it frequently as previously mentioned....in fact added a few more passwords to it today.
    06-06-09 10:26 PM
  21. TearBear's Avatar
    I have deleted PK and added it back and deleted it again cause I never used it, but considering I have a heck of a time remebering passwords guess I should put it back on! Thanks guys!

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    06-07-09 12:06 AM
  22. noaim's Avatar
    I use it. Its extremely useful and very secure
    06-07-09 07:55 AM
  23. b.asagba's Avatar
    idk ive now read 3 different threads about password keeper and i think imma delete it.
    08-16-09 06:26 PM
  24. mwcurl's Avatar
    I use Password Keeper and I love it. I also use Callpod Keeper for my PC and my iPod Touch.
    08-16-09 08:59 PM
  25. CRT's Avatar
    I have just started using PK with my new tour. With my 3 previous bb's I used Splash id. The problem I had with splash is that anytime I did an OS update or got a new bb the info I had in splash would get all jumbled up. I tried several different ways of backing it up but it always got messed up when switching. This would cause me to have to reenter all of my info and I have over 100 items. I like that PK is a part of the bb software and will hopefully switch over easier.

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    08-17-09 09:32 AM
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