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    I have a new bold with Ver 6 OS. I was wondering if there are any BBM NFL icons? Would love to get some for the RAVENS! Thanks
    01-10-11 12:23 PM
  2. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    well I came across this for you! You can access it from your bb browser,click on the pix,then click your menu button to "save image". its a "Ghost BBM Icon" when you set it, it will look like an empty box & when you scroll on it the logo with appear!
    Raven Ghost BBM Icon

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    01-10-11 12:51 PM
  3. Rrules's Avatar
    Is there such a thing as the little icons that you could put by your name. thanks
    01-10-11 01:12 PM
  4. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    you might have better luck checking the "Native Apps" forum and this thread also
    I Need All BBM Icons Good luck!

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    01-10-11 01:57 PM