1. Meeksology's Avatar
    I recently noticed that BBM will not update when my contacts change their bbm pics. It also does not notify me on my recent updates screen. But I find it only happens with picture updates. Whenever my contacts update their status, it shows me on my recent updates list and is updated in my contacts, but when it comes to updating BBM pics, it doesnt. Anyone else havin this problem?? It seems I have to do a battery pull every time I wanna see if one of my friends updated their pic lol Kinda gets annoying. Can anyone help??
    06-15-11 06:39 PM
  2. Hartley001's Avatar
    Try re-installing bbm.. I kinda had the same thing when i transfer all my contacts over to a new bb.. but that was just because the servers were playing up.. Its only a little problem but them little things totally annoy me to.. Hope everything works properly soon
    06-15-11 07:54 PM