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    Hi....you tube used to work great now it doesn't work at all everytime the media player starts up it shows error message....I pulled battery and then it started working again but not for long....I even upraded to newest os and pulled battery again....nothing...this really sux ...if anyone could help in anyway that would be great. Peace.

    Sorry bout the double post there. I am typing from BB so I musta hit sumthin by accident...my bad

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    10-23-10 04:47 PM
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    I really hate to say this but with my old phone I had the same problem. It is that it doesn't have much memory and it gets eaten away fast. Every time you want to listen you have to pull the battery..... made me get another blackberry because it can be quite annoying. If it says no bytes in the status it won't be working.
    10-23-10 04:56 PM
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    Where does it say the status?

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    It seems that a lot of people are having this same issue...which is a little comforting but no one can come up with an answer ....I contacted my provider they had no idea....I'm not paying for a data plan if I can't use utube or stream other vid that's mostly where all my data use comes from...I just don't understand why it was working great 100% then it just stops......

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    10-23-10 08:55 PM