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    1. If she takes a photo with the phone straight up and down while she is holding it and sends it to my phone via messenger and it gets to my phone I have to constantly turn the phone in every direction and it still does not show it correctly. Even if I save it, view it and rotate it to see it correctly it doesnt save it that way. Any ideas

    2. the phone keeps prompting us to upgrade to 5.0 BBM I assume everytime we start BBM. I tried 5.0 on our previous curves and took it off because we like the photo transfer with BBM, you can view it then decide to save it, with 5.0 you have to save it first and thats if your lucky enough to get the photo before it times out. Is that still the case with 5.0? I know a lot of people are ******** about it and was wondering if an update has come out yet? Anyway to prebent that update messaging coming up everytime?

    Thanks everyone
    11-24-09 02:06 PM