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    I've been trying to make a BBM Display picture animated in a gif format for a while now, i've made a couple that i can actually view and play from my phone, but when i put it as my display picture it wouldn't work. one of the threads said 250x250 or something and i tried that it just stretched the picture too much, i've tried the original format too, and a 100x100 22kb (i think) size of it too which i just made (took a while too with photoshop since i'm not an expert) . If anyone could help me i'd really appeciate it, at least if you knew the configurations (the sure ones) that pictures need. i know they don't need to be under 28kb because the animated walking shoes are 29.4 or such. i Don't know why when i try to upload the original it works but the 100x100 uploads as .jpg even though its .gif file format.

    If anyone could help me or make the gif ready to dp i'd really appreciate it. no i don't have the original pictures but you can take the original gif and open it with photoshop and go in the layers options. the original one has like 13-14 frames while the 100x100 one i edited it down to 8 frames and it's about 4kb. Attachment 105146 Attachment 105148

    All and Any help would be greatly appreciated, you can also add me on BBM (if that's allowed), 292B0BD6

    Funny thing, the Gif i posted which got converted to JPG ends up animating, but the actual original Gif stays the same. T_T
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    Save the image you posted and you're fine. Requirements are a perfect square of less than 32Kb.
    03-10-12 03:04 PM