1. NovaKat's Avatar
    I have a 9300, had it for a few months now no problems.

    Last night I downloaded updates I believe for Facebook (could've been my facebook chat) and what I believe to be appworld itself.

    Now my bbm is wonky. It's sending and receiving bbms' fine, but the background is now grey (I swore it was white) and the check marks (r and d) from the person I'm having a conversation with are now replaced with a grey or yellow circle. My bbms' still have a checkmark next to them though.

    I tried downloading a different theme from app world to get my white background back and it turned all my highlights green. Uninstalled it and had to pull the battery to get it back to "normal".

    Am I crazy, or did my blackberry mess with my BBM appearance overnight? I thought maybe it was something with the update I did last night, but I can't find any other issues from googling. WTF happened? I want my white and blue chat bubbles back with white background and my checkmarks dammit!

    Thanks in advance.
    03-06-11 09:19 PM
  2. elokito's Avatar
    In bbm hit the bb key, go to options, scroll down to chat style and change it to your preference

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    03-07-11 09:28 PM