1. Titaniumedge's Avatar
    Hey all, I need some help. My Blackberry has been acting up for awhile now and it's really starting to get frustrating. Every time I reset my phone (either hard or soft) I loose all of my BBM contacts and conversations, plus BBM doesn't work properly once I restore the contacts from my local backup. When I send a message to someone I can leave that conversation open forever and I never get a reply, but when I back out of the conversation it shows that the contact has replied and it is a 50/50 shot on whether or not the reply will be shown in the actual conversation. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. Also since this began happening my phone no longer tells me I have a voicemail either by the symbol in the notifications bar or in the messaging app.

    I really have no idea where to go from here, I've entered every contest that I could find to win a new Torch but since the odds are way against me I have to get my Curve fixed. If anyone can help I'd be very greatful.

    Thank you.
    03-08-11 10:46 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Have you installed any apps recently? Something in the device can be messing up the notification system and jamming the network connection.

    I am somewhat extreme when such things happen: I'd either do a device wipe (security reset) or try an OS update...
    03-09-11 08:39 AM