1. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    I cant get an alert tone for BBM. I have made sure everything is either on Tone or Tone/Vibrate. I get nothing. Any ideas?
    06-17-09 07:34 PM
  2. weblou's Avatar
    I had the same problem.......maybe you have you alert on none (that was my problem)

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    06-17-09 07:38 PM
  3. blackngray70's Avatar
    There are two settings for BBM.

    Messenger - Alert
    Messenger - New Message

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    06-17-09 07:58 PM
  4. tracey616's Avatar
    Is your volume set to low/med/high...mine was once set to mute....
    06-17-09 08:22 PM
  5. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    It was on mute. Now if I can just get a message to try it....
    06-17-09 08:27 PM
  6. tracey616's Avatar
    ahhhh....your girl DID help you!!!
    06-17-09 08:30 PM
  7. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    I'm not having any luck with this.
    06-18-09 09:39 AM
  8. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    If I have my SMS and Email inboxes seperated, would this mess this up?
    06-18-09 09:45 AM
  9. Renocat's Avatar
    First of all..make sure you are setting the correct one

    BBM alert is used when you send a bbm to a person and that person doesn't read it in a timely manner and the little clock appears or they are unreachable. WHen they either read the message or become reachable, the alert will sound telling you they are available now.

    BBM Message is just that, a tone that plays everytime you receive a message.

    Hope that helps
    06-18-09 11:34 AM
  10. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Profiles >Advanced >Hit Menu >Edit. You can change alerts for everything there...
    06-18-09 11:36 AM
  11. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    Profiles >Advanced >Hit Menu >Edit. You can change alerts for everything there...
    I've done that.
    06-18-09 12:07 PM
  12. iowabowtech's Avatar
    Do you holster your phone by chance? If so, have you made changes for both "out of holster" and "in holster"? Even if not, set them both to the same and retest just in case.
    06-18-09 12:31 PM
  13. tyler_durden#CB's Avatar
    Ok, noone told me that when you status is unavailable on BBM it doesnt alert you. Went to available...I now have sound and vibration. My pants thank you.
    06-18-09 02:38 PM