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    Hi all,
    Looking to see if it is possible to add an email account to my BB that only shows-up in the send using field and not be an actual email box. The reason for this is that I have several email accounts that are forwarded to various accounts. Because they are forwarded I only have to check 1 account instead of all of them. But, I still want the ability, just as I can in gmail, to choose what address to send an email as.

    Thank you,
    04-19-10 09:55 AM
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    I have the same question as well. Basically if I were to remove my email account that is setup on my phone I would be unable to use the ' email the developer' option in my downloaded apps. But I also don't like being notified every half hour when some junk mail slips past Yahoo's spam filter either. You might say just make a new email and set that up on the phone, but I want quick acess to my email too.
    The perfect fix would be to have it just the way it is but not have the email pushed unless you selected that. If you could click on the messages folder and select update and then see the emails refreshed, that would be much better imo.

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    04-19-10 04:39 PM
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    Nobody has any suggestions?
    04-20-10 06:11 PM