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    Hello folks. My very-long 3-year jail term with Rogers Wireless ends in exactly one week. I have decided not to renew with Rogers and have no plans to sign up with another mobility provider. I won't have a telephone number to make phone calls, but what about being able to still use the Blackberry to access the Internet and check web-based emails. I understand I won't be able to use the POP3/IMTP email-push since that's a Blackberry service and would need a data plan, but I should still be able to use a web-based email like Gmail or Hotmail, right?

    At home we have a wireless router but every time I try to use the wireless service (it shows up as being connected so that part is working) instead of the Rodgers EDGE I can't access anything. Only when I sign back on the Rodgers EDGE do I get the Internet and so forth.

    Here are my settings for the Mobile Network where everything works spit-spot:

    Data Services: Off When Roaming
    Connection Preference: Wi-Fi Preferred
    Mobile Network: ROGERS
    Network Selection Mode: Automatic

    However when I change to use Wi-Fi only settings I get a "No Internet Connection" error message and can't do anything:

    Data Services: Off When Roaming
    Connection Preference: Wi-Fi Only
    Mobile Network: *None*
    Network Selection Mode: Automatic

    I changed the Browser Configurations to the following and still nothing on the Wi-Fi only connection:

    Browser: Hotspot Browser
    Emulation Mode: Microsoft IE
    Start Page: Home Page
    Home Page Address: I used Google Canada as my home page (I can't post the link here as I haven't made 10 posts to the forum)

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8320 and it definitely has WiFi connectivity which I asked Rogers Wireless to unlock when I first got the phone in December 2008. Now it is December 2011 and I need to find out how to set my BB to be able to connect to the Internet via my home wireless router after Rogers cuts me off? I hope there's someone out there that has the same BB as me and can direct me how to set things up. Thank you!
    12-22-11 03:25 AM
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