1. 1vanvenci5's Avatar
    Hi guys! I've been reading the crackberry.com forums for a while, since my first BlackBerry a year and half now. I learned A LOT here, from the basic settings to the "revived nuke BlackBerry"

    Well, I have an issue:

    I'm in Mexico using Telcel, my device is a Curve 8520, I'm very happy with it and even happier when I upgrade it to (Vodafone D2)

    Before the upgrade I wasn't able to stream YouTube videos in the native browser without Wi-Fi but a few hours before I realize that I can! (I've been using OS 5 since April thought)

    I have no APN configured and I have deactivated the "switch to WAP" thing in the streaming media (first setting in ALL my devices)... I love viewing YouTube in my BlackBerry but I don't want extra charges in my bill... I have unlimited BIS thought

    Question is: What's going on? Can I watch YouTube or do I have to expect a large bill this month? Is this have something to do with the OS?

    Thanx a lot and see you arround!
    06-20-10 12:16 AM
  2. gambier82's Avatar
    Your carrier or someone with experience with your specific carrier would be best to ask on this one.
    06-20-10 12:42 AM
  3. 1vanvenci5's Avatar
    UPDATE: It's been some time since I post this thread, I'm happy to announce that NO EXTRA CHARGES APPEARED IN MY BILL. I use the YouTube streaming just a little (couple of 3 min videos) but absolutely no extra charges for this service. I will use it a little bit more and report the results of the next month bill.

    08-02-10 11:26 PM