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    I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to modify the default search providers in OS 6. I dont mean changing between the provided option, but rather the URL of which the search uses. The ability to search Google from the universal search on the home screen or from the URL location bar in the browser is great; however the search results are displayed using the desktop browser version which makes it difficult to read on the tiny screen. On the Google search page options there is an option to format the search result to be formatted for mobile which makes reading on the small screen much easier. Unfortunately the default google search appears to use a URL that forces the browser to use display the search results formatted for desktop. Using the URL: http://www.google.com/m?q=<search_parameter> would resolve this issue. Does anyone know where this is set or how this can be modified?


    I am reposting this here because it's the same exact question i have and no one answered this guy in a different section.

    01-22-11 10:51 AM
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    You could always modify the .cod file.

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    01-22-11 12:02 PM
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    i'd be glad to but not sure what program is used to modify .cod. never had to do it before..
    01-22-11 12:54 PM
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    Well, notepad, but good luck finding what line. I'd help you out, but I'm using .979.

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    01-22-11 01:03 PM
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    You could have asked the mods to move the post via the report button, to a more appropriate place.

    Just suggesting.

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    01-23-11 03:55 AM