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    Hi Folks,

    First time poster, but been lurking the forums for a while now.

    Hardware - Tmobile 9700 (unlocked)
    Software - BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.726 (Multilanguage), latest BBM software
    Location - Hong Kong
    Service Provider - Smartone Vodafone
    Problem - I'm not able to add anyone on BBM from the US or UK. Hong Kong, China and Macau seem to be fine. I can use the phone just fine on the network and receive emails through BIS, and use BBM for my friends in HK but none of my friends int he US can get past the pending authorization stage.

    What I"ve Tried -
    1. Originally I thought it must because the last guy didnt release the PIN. But I'm thinking if i can register the emails on BIS carrier page, full data services (exc bbm in certain areas), and BBM usage, then it cant be that. but Tmboile was saying that its not on their accounts anymore.
    2. Updating the to the latest OS software
    3. Security wipes, Twice.
    4. Battery Pulls, This Battery has never been manhandled this many times before.
    5. Registering another account on this phone and swapping it back to mine.

    Any suggestions from the Gurus?

    02-26-10 08:20 PM
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    02-28-10 03:37 AM
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    What error message do you get when you try to add users and it fails?
    02-28-10 04:48 AM
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    I am using an AT&T 9700 on PCCW and doesn't have any problems with BBM or PIN messages, have you tried sending PIN messages to those friends, does it work?
    02-28-10 06:19 AM
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    @jackbox I just see a pending authorization message. No error. And I'll call my friend who are in NYC and they said they apporved but it's just not going through.

    @victor On my last 9000 it worked fine same service providers. Just swithed to a tmobile 9700.

    Man this is frustrating lol

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    03-01-10 11:52 PM
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    My brother-in-law had the same problem, USA to UK, it needed to be sorted out by Verizon at his end, as it was a network problem.
    03-02-10 06:42 AM