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  1. khat17's Avatar
    Hi all. Hopefully someone can help with this. Gonna give some history so that the full situation is understood. Images are limited as well so not everything here, but I think all needed info is presented. Added short version of my problem so that you don't need to read it fully through. I kinda want some responses......

    • BBM Icon Missing
    • AppWorld and Options/Applications show it installed
    • Deleting and reinstalling have no effect
    • Installing higher/lower carrier OS does not fix
    • Installing latest OS does not fix
    • AppSearch shows BBM but cannot run
    • Can't remember exact version to search for and put on, but certain carrier downloads have higher versions

    Have an 8520 that was working fine on an older OS, but had issues with available application space and the phone locking up. It's a company phone, so I called my supervisors and asked about tinkering with the phone and they said go ahead if I think it will improve the function of the phone.

    Downloaded the latest official version of the OS (which wasn't the latest available OS) and installed. Everything was working quite fine, but then there were two things I found - the phone didn't seem like it was attached to a BES anymore (BB Protect actually installed) and BBM was missing.

    Now there are a lot of threads online, here and elsewhere, but none of what I've found so far seems to fix the issue I'm having. Attached are some screenies as well to help illustrate.

    First thing I did was wipe the phone.

    Next I decided to shrink the OS and remove a lot of stuff that I don't think I'd need.

    Phone recognized after launcher was run and options selected.

    Then knowing the BBM issue I did a search for the app. And no it isn't hidden.

    So next I went online and tried to download BBM. According to what I got I had to have AppWorld first, so that was downloaded and updated.

    Now on previous attempts BBM would be installed but unable to be removed. Things were somewhat new on this attempt, but the end result was the same. First you can see that BBM isn't installed.

    But in AppWorld it seems that it IS installed but needs to be updated.

    And here's the fun part. After being installed through AppWorld, there's no option to remove the app. It just sits there. Only way to remove it is through the Options menu.

    On another occasion the upgrade icon did appear on the screen, but after being done it was the same in AppWorld and the icon is still nowhere to be found.

    And regardless of where I look or which option I check - delete service book or whatever - the app is still in AppWorld without the option to delete/uninstall and the icon cannot be found anywhere. I even installed this search app and found BBM, but when I try to run it from the search app nothing happens.

    So there's my dilemma. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just need to get BBM back up and running - the office can sort out the enterprise activation later on. Also - downgrading to the version available for download did nothing to help the situation. The older official version available for download I think was like 4.7 - the latest official is 5.0 (not latest build tho) - but I think what was on the phone before was 4.6 if memory serves me right.

    I've done this on the 9700 with no issue, but the only reason I did this on my office phone was to fix the freezing issues and the fact that superiors said go ahead. Don't absolutely NEED BBM, but it makes life so much easier - and it's easier to BBM than to call a lot of the contacts I have in there.......

    Also - got a pic (limit on # of pics prevents posting) where the device shows BBM installed, AppWorld shows it installed, but DM has it grayed out.

    OK - found out that you can't remove BBM from within AppWorld so that screenie above with no options for removal is kinda irrelevant.

    9. The application I installed in APP world didn't work/wasn't satisfactory so I uninstalled it but app world still has it listed.
    -This can happen in most cases if you uninstalled the application via Options>Applications but sometimes it happens if you uninstalled it via the desktop manager or from app world itself. It is generally good to remove apps installed in app world through app world or desktop manager for future reference. If you uninstalled it from the application screen and App world still has it listed do not worry it is not still on your BB. If you removed it from app world or desktop manager some files may be there (it will be listed as reinstall or deleted) but this is not always the case. To make sure it is gone first use the menu button to make sure the option to delete it is not there. If that option is gone highlight the app hold down ALT then press R+S+T.
    That was the most promising thing so far. Removed BBM from AppWorld and said it wasn't installed. That looked hopeful, but when reinstalled and rebooted the icon is still nowhere to be found.

    Also installed the latest OS and still nothing. Why would the BBM icon just completely go? Why when I use AppSearch and FIND it - BBM still will not run from there? If there's no reply I'm gonna have to bump this again......
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    11-06-11 09:53 AM
  2. vzwdavid's Avatar
    Have you tried downloading it the this way via from your phones browser?
    11-07-11 04:32 PM
  3. khat17's Avatar
    Deleted from the phone - then removed from the installed list in AppWorld - then downloaded from the URL in the phone browser. When it was successful and completed AppWorld didn't show it as installed which was really weird. Then after a battery pull it still doesn't show up in AppWorld, but is there in the Applications/Addon list. Doesnt the BB automatically install an older version of BBM until your phone activates? There's no version running when a fresh installation of the OS is done, and nothing on the latest, carrier latest, and carrier oldest OS suggests that BBM is running - only the fact that it's in the Applications list shows that it may be installed after running the upgrade.
    11-07-11 08:19 PM
  4. vzwdavid's Avatar
    Well getting it to show up in the applications list is definitely a step in the right direction. I would recommend having some one try and BBM you or invite you to BBM as a friend and see if it pops up a notification.

    To answer your questions about loading OS versions. If desktop manager sees that BBM is not installed it may not load it unless you go to the applications section and select it because I guess it assumes if you didn't have it you don't want it.

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    11-07-11 10:54 PM
  5. khat17's Avatar

    BBM is seen by DM when trying to update. Also is auto-selected by AppLoader. Using the web version of AppWorld to interface with the phone also shows that BBM is loaded. Also in the "short version" in the first post I did say it shows up in Applications and in AppWorld. The issue is that it seems to be installed but is not showing up at all.
    11-08-11 01:41 AM
  6. khat17's Avatar
    And now it looks like the problem is fixed. I'm gonna make some assumptions and the gurus here can confirm or clear it up for me if I'm wrong.

    The Assumption
    The BB holds some core data that is used to run certain functions and also display the error "507/Reload Software". These core files seem to be updated once a new OS is installed. When a new OS is installed it just places the files on the phone and then when you wait (the part where it can take up to 30 minutes) these files are extracted and the relevant files are updated for the platform. For this reason you should not attempt to shrink an OS if it is different from the one installed on the phone, unless you are certain that the various core application versions are the same.

    So if you're going to shrink an OS ensure that it was first installed on the phone previously. Shrinking worked with two different 9700's that I did for family members but they had version 6 OSes already on their phones. So I'm guessing that moving from one version 6 to a later one and shrinking wouldn't have any problems, but me moving from version 4 to 5 caused the issue.

    Again I'm assuming the above information, so if someone has facts otherwise please let us know.

    The Fix
    A little information that I think I overlooked - I tried shrinking the OS version 5 and installing over a version 4 that was on the phone. What allowed me to get back BBM was wiping the phone with JL_CMDER (guess you can use your preferred app), then update DM to the latest version, then installed the firmware/OS that I wanted to put on the phone, then start DM and perform an update. Again that's:

    1. Remove all OS versions from your PC. This may require manually deleting some folders that are in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files"
    2. Once you confirm that all files are removed, ensure that Desktop Manager is updated to the latest version.
    3. Install the OS/firmware that you want to put on the phone.
    4. Use Desktop Manager to perform the update.

    After you have successfully installed the OS and the phone boots up with no issue, you can then shrink said OS and reinstall after.

    So this is fixed, but leaving the thread open for comments and questions from others. Thanks go out to vzwdavid for the help provided (even though it didn't work) and being the only one to actually post after over 100 views.

    Asking a mod to rename the thread and append *SOLVED* to the title. Thanks in advance.
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    11-09-11 08:10 AM
  7. sarim13's Avatar
    Hi!! Thanks for your great post with the solution. I need your help here. I'm having a similar issue. My Phone is just 3 weeks old. had by services(BBM, Mails & Social networking ) working fine. I had to switch my SIM to a basic Nokia phone for few hours. When I put it back in BB, the BBM icon went missing.

    Details below

    BB curve 8520. OS v5.0.0.1036
    BBM version 5.0.1
    AppWorld and Options/Applications show it is installed.

    Troubleshooting done:

    BBM not running when checked in Switch application.
    Done Show all - No change
    Mobile operator helpdesk suspected the service book to be corrupt and resent it. Did a battery pull. Di'nt solve.
    Did a host routing table>register now + battery pull. Dint work

    I did not try to upgrade the OS or BBM.

    I went through you post. I understand and understand that the upgrading the BBM does not work. What do you suggest for best possible simplest solution.

    Let me know if you need more detials.

    Thanks in advance.
    11-15-11 05:43 AM
  8. khat17's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to CrackBerry. Firstly - when you have the phone up and running, do you see EDGE in all caps beside your signal meter or is it in common letters? If it's not in all caps then the BB service is not on your phone.

    Since you said you called the provider and dealt with the service books and such already, I'd suggest doing a backup of your phone and re-flash.

    If you don't want to mess with what is already there from your provider, just get the latest firmware from them - or the same one that you have now on the phone - and re-flash using that.

    In my case I had OS4 and upgraded to OS5 after removing some components using third party apps. As I figure it (all theory) some of the things I removed were needed to ensure that other apps (like BBM) would run. If yours was working fine on OS5 before then just re-flash with OS5. Some links below with instructions and such that you can read.

    How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) |

    Also see:
    Upgrading Procedure for an Official OS release is as follows:

    1. Download the OS and install it on your PC. (Make sure you have already removed any older OSes you have installed on your PC by going to Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel)

    2. Delete the vendor.xml file (located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader)

    3. Backup your 3rd party applications ( optional recommended step )

    4. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC and right click on a file named Loader (located in the same place where you found the vendor.xml > C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe) and select '' Run As Administrator ''

    5. Follow the prompts and make sure you select the languages and applications you wish to be installed.
    The Loader will backup and restore your data by default.

    Still Having Issues !!?
    I would recommend using BBSAK to Upgrade, so

    - Uninstall the OS(s) you already have installed on your PC
    - Delete the folder (research in motion) in ( c: \program files\common files\research in motion )
    - Restart your PC
    - Download the .pdf file attached below and follow the How-To

    The previous file is removed and a new updated file is attached

    Even though the quoted instructions are not for your model phone the same basic principles apply. Post back your results when done and we'll see if it's sorted out or not.
    11-21-11 09:37 AM