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    i really need some help/advice here.

    My wife and i both have unlocked 8320s, for whatever reason hers had the BBM beta right out of the box and her OS was

    mine (which i upgraded to never had the beta and i was never able to get it to run on my phone - i'd download OTA, the upgrade looked like it ran fine, but then the BBM icon wouldn't launch anything, eventually i just downgraded back and stuck with 4.5

    my problem is this. she upgraded to BBM and HATES it (i don't like it much either on my phone), but i don't have a backup of her phone pre-upgrade to restore from.

    finding working links for the leak/beta OTA is difficult. i'd hate to knock her down to 4.5 (wouldn't she lose her contacts?), plus she'd want her look and feel to be the same..

    what do i do?

    and while i'm here, any ideas how to get the leak/beta to run on mine?

    i appreciate any help.
    10-13-09 12:36 PM