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    Dear expert;

    I am using Bold-Onyx 9780 with OS version: just 1 week. Before this, i was a user of Javelin 8900.

    When i have incoming BB group message and click icon on the notification area, it brings me to the next screen which inform me list of notification line by line. After clicking the BB group lines, there is usually a 3 to 4 second delay . A message appear on the screen: "Retrieving chat message. Please wait", before I can really see the bb group messages. This things start happened 2 days ago.

    Further, I see there are no difference whether I am using 2G or 3G network, relating the issue mentioned.
    Therefore, would somebody inform me:
    (1) what is the reason of this delay as this never happened with my previous Javelin.
    (2) tips on how to get rid of the delay/make the performance faster.

    Thanks a lot for any feedback.

    Rgds, Viator
    Note: I am not a heavy data connection user, so far:
    - do not install 3rd party application,
    - have registered in 5 BB groups and
    - do not have social network logged-in always (only 1 to 2 hours a day, to facebook)
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    I think you posted in the 9700 forum by mistake. The 9780 forum or the native apps (blackberry messenger) forums should have better answers.

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    12-28-10 02:00 AM
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    You should have seen it with your Jav too. Simple solution, just scroll into the chat, and close it with the End button. When you open it again from the icon, or select chat from the AppSwitcher, it will be loaded already.
    12-28-10 04:44 AM