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    Movistar Argentina Blackberry user forum!
    Share your experiencies and issues if you are a BB user under Movistar Argentina!
    02-22-13 01:52 PM
  2. Gabriel Bastias's Avatar

    I bought 2 Z10 last week and I unlocked in Toronto, but I have tried to use them with my old simcard (regular) 8 years old and the device says "A simcard is not detected in this device "

    Im now waiting for my new micro sim card, I was told here that sometimes old sims do not work in very new phones but I feel that these devices will not work with Movistar at all

    Any help is welcome

    The device says Open Network and all looks good from the unlocked point of view. Also, I upgraded OS and re-boot the Z10 as it came directly from factory but the unlocked remains the same, it seems you can not change this, once it is unlocked, it remains forever ? When I unlocked, The Simcard was not placed in the device.

    Z10 from (Telus Canada)


    03-12-13 03:00 PM
  3. mauro316's Avatar
    Gabriel Im planning to buy two unlocked Z10 on ebay. I need to know if you were able to get them to work. I could not understant what your issue was other than the old sim not working as it is not a micro sim. Unlocking a phone does not require the working sim to be inside the phone. Once it's unlocked it will remain unlocked unless you install a carrier locked software version (which won't happen by doing the OTA update or doing it on your computer.

    If the phone is now working please provide the model # so I know which one I should buy.


    Sent from my Bold 9900
    03-19-13 07:51 PM
  4. Gabriel Bastias's Avatar
    Mauro and rest

    The phone is now working ok with new SIM Card but so far using Movsitar Argentina I have not been able to make BBM work. If I put another currier from another companies like Claro o Personal, it seems it works but so far Movistar needs to update their system to make BBM work under the new plattaform.


    04-03-13 04:03 PM
  5. meelisar's Avatar
    Hiii! I bought a bold 9900 (an unlocked BB10 was expensive for me...) and even though it reads my Simcard i keep losing 3G connection. I can't use the Wifi Hotspot option either. Im so mad at Movistar!! I tried updating my OS changing my computer's IP to one in the US so i could have the Wifi Hotspot option but it dissapears! I wont be able to use it until MovistarArg officially launches the software update. I find it unfair that iphones and Android phones dont have this problem! It's just that Movistar won't keep up to a bb update that has been available in the rest of the world for more than a year now. I f***ing hate movistar and their incompetent employees that know nothing.
    04-20-13 07:00 PM
  6. mauro316's Avatar
    Hi Meelisar,
    I've had that phone for over a year now and had intermitent issues with 3G as you are describing it. I was able to get it fixed after complaining over the phone and being transfered a time or two to their "engineering team" (can't tell if that was really true).
    For the most part, I will get a solid 3G service in most of the AMBA region (in some areas it goes to 2G or even GPRS because the coverage really sucks. Again, that is not a phone issue but they can get you a better 3G service after talking to engineering.
    Now, the software update you are mentioning should not be an issue updating it. No need to change your IP or anything like that.
    If you do it over the blackberry website you will definetly get the option to update to 7.1. I've done without any problem and even done twice =)
    Let me know If you took care of it!


    PS: don't take it so hard on movistar, they all suck.
    05-27-13 12:21 AM

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