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    Z30 AT&T-img_20160824_163445.png anybody got an BlackBerry Z30 with AT&T and NOT getting LTE? I have a way you can get LTE anyway where LTE is Supported.

    Posted Via Z30 The "Power House"
    08-24-16 03:36 PM
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    Z30 AT&T-img_20160824_163445.png

    Posted Via Z30 The "Power House"
    08-24-16 03:36 PM
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    Well, what is the solution?

    Posted via CB10
    09-02-16 08:56 PM
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    It depends on the model Z30 you have. The STA100-5 being the most compatible.

    Problem is that it is still missing band 17, which is AT&T's primary LTE band. But, AT&T does use other bands in many cities that are used by the -5 version of the Z30.

    There's already a tread listing the U.S. cities where you will get LTE on the -5 Z30


    While the thread starting post was last updated almost exactly 2 years ago, there were posts up until earlier this year. It's possible that AT&T added more band coverage since then, and they are supposed to add band 5 in a lot of areas which is supported on the -5 Z30

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    09-02-16 10:29 PM

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