1. sitansu07's Avatar
    What is hard reset??
    How can I do hard reset??
    What'll happen if I do hard reset??

    Via BlackBerry Z10
    10-09-15 02:36 PM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    What is hard reset??
    How can I do hard reset??
    What'll happen if I do hard reset??
    Not sure why you've posted this in the Android Apps sub-forum, but whatever.

    A hard reset on a Z10 is a battery pull - take the battery out for ten seconds or do, then replace.

    A soft reset is holding down the the up and down volume buttons for about 20 seconds - the device will restart. Edit: if you have the z10 STL1 variant, you hold the power button down for a similar time instead.

    In both cases the device is supposed to do some internal housekeeping which might fix some issues that can occur.

    Personally I would stick to soft resets unless you really feel you have to do a hard one.
    10-09-15 02:55 PM
  3. sitansu07's Avatar

    Via BlackBerry Z10
    10-09-15 11:10 PM
  4. sitansu07's Avatar
    There's a problem with my clash of clans.... it's showing installed in android apps.... like mobogenie but not on z10 menu.... now there is an update for the clash of clans.... but I can't install it...... showing that unable to install... that's why I can't open it.... so I need a help....

    Via BlackBerry Z10
    10-09-15 11:12 PM
  5. eldricho's Avatar
    Did you look in yoyr device monitor? It should be showing in there and you should be able to delete it from there then to re-install the new one

    Warning: if you didn't have your account connected to Google+ with the Cobalt method or have a recent backup of the app data, you will lose all your progress doing this.

    Posted via CB10
    10-09-15 11:20 PM
  6. sitansu07's Avatar
    It's not showing in device monitor

    Via BlackBerry Z10
    10-10-15 09:02 AM

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