1. EFats's Avatar
    I use one phone running 10.3.3 with Cobalt to download stuff from Google Play Store. Then I copy the APK to other phones that need it. (I think I just browser through Device/misc/Android/......
    Today I went to try the same thing and discovered all my downloaded APK's are gone? And nothing from new downloads.
    Same deal with Amazon. I downloaded and installed the app, but I can't find the APK.

    Where could they possibly be hiding? Is this new behaviour or did I just forget how to do something?
    09-25-17 11:02 PM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    The Google Play Store puts the apk files in the main Device/Downloads folder. The one you're accessing through the Misc/Android/... is just a linked folder right back to the main Downloads folder.

    Go the real one, and all the apks should be there.

    The Amazon app doesn't save the apk files it downloads.

    However, look for App Backup and Restore in Google Play. It can backup all installed app apks, even the Amazon apps. You can back them up to any folder on the device you choose. Then you can copy them off to wherever you want.
    09-26-17 12:12 AM

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