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    So I just installed the newest (and quite amazing progress I must add...) CAMCARD app (biz card scanner++) on my PASSPORT running 10.3.1 ,from the Amazon Appstore. When I select to save the contact information from the OCR of any given biz card, it pops up a menu for me to select either "contacts" or my Skype account of all things?! I of course choose Contacts. Here's the part I can't figure out... where the heck does it save the info??? I have various lists (2 Exchange Accts, Local Contacts, SIM Card, BlackBerry Link, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedon), of which I can't tell anywhere on the actual contact what list it has been added to?? I have gone through the settings, only switching on ONE list/acct at a time and searching for the specific contact that was added, and it does not appear on any individual list?? Only when I select 'All', does the contact come up on my search... where the heck does the Android engine default to when it saves or exports the contacts from the various Android apps? It this case, the usual BlackBerry Contact add/edit screen does not come up, it just miraculously appears in the contacts, but only when I select 'All Contacts' on the left pane for selecting what lists you want to show. And once again, keep in mind that I already toggled them off/on from the settings screen as well. Where the heck is the Android engine saving these contacts??
    06-15-15 11:47 PM
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    I doubt this is an Android Engine issue, it's sounds more like an Android app issue. Like other Android apps, CamCard assumes your phone has a standard Android directory structure, which it doesn't because it's a BlackBerry.

    As I recall, BlackBerry contacts are not stored in a user accessible directory. It sounds like CamCard is storing your scanned contacts in a location which doesn't correspond to any of your existing contact lists. That would explain why your phone can only find them when you do a Select All.
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    06-16-15 12:20 AM
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    It will store in local contact no matter which account you choose to save.

    From there you can copy the newly added contact to other accounts (e.g. gmail account)

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    06-16-15 12:57 AM
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    Thanks for he replies guys... And yes, it obviously is storing it locally, only that it's not accessible in the standard "Local Contacts" Directory structure, as when I only choose that specific view, it does not come up on the search. Therefore, it seems to have created it's own Android specific location, but strangely it does come up when I choose "All Contacts" from the list. I can reopen the contact and then copy it over to any address book I like, but still does not answer the question as to where Android or Camcard is putting the contact when it exports it to the phone. Moreover, it is connected to the contacts hierarchy somehow, otherwise it would not come up in the "All Contacts" selection, only that whatever folder or list that is, does not appear in the individual listing selections either on the left pane or the setup screen.
    06-16-15 10:17 AM
  5. bnwg's Avatar
    Just found out that the contact is saved in Sim card.
    It sounds weird to me as it saved to local contact before.
    I'm not sure if it's because of the newer version of the app itself or the OS

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    06-17-15 05:16 AM

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