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    Is anyone using these? There's a massive hype on the internet over these - even one of my favourite YouTubers (UrAvgConsumer) recommends them.

    However I've got a pair in in my hands and to be honest they sound like anything else. I consider myself to be able to appreciate sound quality - almost a pro-sumer - but I just can't work out how these are superior to anything else on the market.

    I also have a pair of Sony MDR-1A and they sound exactly the same as M100 set. The V-Modas are supposed to be brain rattling in terms of bass but I don't get that.

    I've tried both of them using the excellent suite of audio options on my Sony Z4 Tablet which makes them sound as fantastic as each other. My Classic, on the other hand, doesn't which is another post for another day.

    So this made me wonder why everyone else is going crazy over them. Is it because I'm using them wrong? Am I using the wrong type of device to listen to music?

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    07-14-15 12:09 AM
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    Most probably your Sony Z4 and the Classic are using different internals, specifically digital-to-analog converter and amplifier, that's why your M100 sound different on both. When I'm using my Z30 as a music player, all I'm using is a cheap Sennheiser earbud, which sound decent enough when travelling. If I ever wanted to listen to a high quality recording, I do it on my PC, using a studio headphone. Check out head-fi.org for more information on headphones and portable players.

    Cave, cave, moderator videt
    07-14-15 02:38 AM

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