1. GabryWRC's Avatar
    has anyone been able to install Garmin Connect apk on BlackBerry 10 (Z30 in my case)?
    I downloaded the apk but I get this error during installation: "Unable to install this app".

    Older version works properly but my Garmin device need newer version.

    My BlackBerry Z30 runs software.
    Any idea?

    Thanks for your support

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    12-30-18 07:53 AM
  2. Roland Kress's Avatar
    I thought I'll post here what I found out while I was chatting with Garmin Support today - just for information for the commuity!

    Until yesterday I synced my old trusty Garmin Fenix Watch with the Garmin Connect App V. 3.16.1 on my Q10 while suddenly the app was no longer able to sync with the Garmin servers.

    V 3.16.1 was the last version that was working with the Android runtime in BB10. Every later version needed Android 4.4 or higher so it most probably will never run (perhaps I will have a try anyway an post here, if successful).

    But as for today I am obliged to announce, that the Garmin Connect App stopped working on BB10 devices! Perhaps it can still download data from your fitness tracker, but you will not be able to upload this data to Garmin servers - so in my opinion it does not make sense any more.

    Garmin Support told me, you have to at least use the app V. 4.40 to still be able to sync to the cloud (while I am not sure, which version this should be as the latest version seems to be V.4.16 according to apkmirror). They encouraged me to sync my fitness device using the PC (Garmin Express).

    Well - another function gone for BB10 - but we all saw it coming, didn't we...?
    03-13-19 05:00 PM

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