04-01-20 11:03 AM
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  1. rgarza8's Avatar
    Finally found a working .apk for sirius

    Posted via CB10

    Which one was it?
    06-14-13 06:00 PM
  2. rgarza8's Avatar
    could someone make a video please?
    Yes Video! Step by step. I thought I could manage but way over my head.
    06-14-13 06:04 PM
  3. stevepconnolly's Avatar
    I created the token - thanks deals247

    But now when I run the b batch file after editing it with the password used to generate the token online and my BB pin i get "Failed to decrypt keystore, invalid store password or store password not supplied"

    06-14-13 06:07 PM
  4. stabstabdie's Avatar
    ok first things first guys ,

    i have decieded to adress this issue as i figured it out after engaging myself here like24 hours till now.

    1) download the android sdk and the android package mentioned by the devs in the first page. its easy just download the sdk and as it comes in zip format extract the folder in desktop.(dont let it be scattered but inside a folder). inside the sdk folder theres is the sdk manager.exe file run it. the sdk manager will load up. select the first option sdk tools and the second 4.2.2 option. then click on the additional packages you will have to install. the button is on the bottom right area. wait until evething is downloaded and installed takes time. after all done go inside the sdk folder and notice these directories named build-tools and platform-tools, go inside the build-tools folder and inside there is the 17.0.0 folder, go inside that too , now select all and copy. go back to where the platform tools folder was and paste the whole copied items inside that platform-tool folder. (merge or replace if any asked)

    also you have downloaded the android package in the zip format. extract that inside the sdk folder so it is there along with the platform-tools folder and build-tools folder.

    2. requesting token from the developer website i hope you all did that and received those two .csj files in you mail. download them and also put them where you extracted the android package. it should look likeAttachment 172030

    3. edit the a-registertokens.bat by right click and edit. notice the caps word CHOOSEPIN and CHOOSEKEY. replace the first with the key u created in the webpage. replace the second with a new imaginary password but dont forget it. after that save and close that.

    edit the b-createdebugtoken.bat file by right click and edit.notice two caps letter UNKNOWN and UNKNOWN. replace the first UNKNOW with the second passkey we created earlier in a-registertokens.bat (the imaginary password) replace the second UNKNOWN with your blackberry pin (settings>about>you will see in hardware section)

    4. now select and drag the two csj files at once onto a-registertokens.bat it will tell you that the registration is sucessfull (if it doesnt then have to workaround will tell at the end)

    5. double click the b-createdebugtoken.bat to run it. a debugtoken.bar file will generate (if not then you need to be sure the password matches)

    6. if you were sucess full in creating the debugtoken.bar file then edit the y-android2bb.bat file by right clicking and edit. notice the set ANDROID_HOME=
    delete the value after that and replace with the path were you have the android sdk. for me it was C:\Users\user\Desktop\Android\android-sdk\ yours can be different.

    or just run the sdkmanage.exe and you can see the path in top left corner. after setting the path save and close.

    6.just drag and drop the .apk files of your choice and it should generate the corresponding bar file in the same directory.

    7.now we have created the debugtoken.bar and converted apk to bar file. so lets push it to the device.
    turn the development mode on in your bb10 device (its in setting>permission area) dont change the ip shown there. instead notice the wifi ip your phone is hooked up to.

    now edit z-installer.bat by right click edit. notice the SET DEVICEIP and SET DEVICEPASS. change ip to your wireless ip and put password if any. save and close. the device and the pc should be in same wifi area.

    now first drop the debugtoken.bar file in the z-installer.bat. it will install and show up in the development mode area.

    second drop the app you converted to bar and it will also be installed in your bb10 device.

    now those were the steps , here is the troubleshooting tips.
    # before using a-registertokens.bat navigate to c:\Users\<username>\appdata\local\research in motion\ and see if the author.p12 barsigner.csk and barsigner.db is there. if its there then you have had failed atttempts before. cut them and place them somewhere else. leave that area empty.

    then run the a-registertokens.bat it will be sucessfull.

    # if you are not getting the debugtoken.bar file make sure the passkey was the second one.

    if you cannot still make it feel free to pm me
    This works. Do what the op says. Than this.

    The simpsons tapped out works. Woooooooo!!!!
    No in app purchases though. Can use girlfriends iPhone for that.
    06-14-13 06:28 PM
  5. steveo1259's Avatar
    I can't find the right Java package to install in order to make the debug token.

    Could someone please either link me to it or create one for pin : 266B38A5

    Pretty please

    06-14-13 06:45 PM
  6. LostOnThePianoRoll's Avatar
    now, i got the email from bb, and when i put the 2 files in the A...bat it disappears, And the B..bat says i'm not yet registered to request debug token? i edited both files...
    06-14-13 06:55 PM
  7. Tisha Christian's Avatar
    Good luck with getting it working, here's the token for PIN:24c923df
    thank you ^^
    06-14-13 07:12 PM
  8. Bure03's Avatar
    Which one was it?
    here you go, latest sirius v2.6


    06-14-13 07:31 PM
  9. stickyiki's Avatar
    Wow. This is amazing. Tried Temple Run and Subway Surfers and both are running flawlessly on 10.1. Thanks xsacha!!
    06-14-13 07:46 PM
  10. Icarus3000's Avatar
    Have you tried a battery pull ? That got my ones working perfectly.
    Unfortunately battery pull didn't make a difference. One thing I realized is that I am running out of storage on my z10. Only 123 mb left. Maybe that is my problem?

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-13 07:58 PM
  11. jamielall's Avatar
    Tutorial: Run ANY Android 2.3.3 app on Blackberry10-fml.jpg When I drag the Instagram apk file into the y-android2bb I get this error. I followed all the steps, what have i done wrong? Thanks
    06-14-13 08:00 PM
  12. Chad Thandy's Avatar
    does java have to be saved anywhere in particular Ive installed it from your link and i tried running 'b-createdebugtoken' but it says 'you do not have java.exe in your path'
    06-14-13 08:04 PM
  13. afiqhamzah's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FML.jpg 
Views:	706 
Size:	52.2 KB 
ID:	172237 When I drag the Instagram apk file into the y-android2bb I get this error. I followed all the steps, what have i done wrong? Thanks
    Edit y-android2bb.bat and fill in where you have installed the Android SDK.
    Putting the files in the Android SDK path is not what it means here.
    But it means edit, and specify the path, example: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk
    06-14-13 09:08 PM
  14. rajbir01's Avatar
    Hey guys. Here is the ultimate solution. If you can't convert the app when you.move it over the script, download sachas new android pack. Copy all of those files to the android-sdk folder. This folder should contain the platform-tools directory. Edit the y with the sdk path and BOOM you're good to go. Worked flawlessly. Can't crush and Viber working.

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-13 09:09 PM
  15. afiqhamzah's Avatar
    does java have to be saved anywhere in particular Ive installed it from your link and i tried running 'b-createdebugtoken' but it says 'you do not have java.exe in your path'
    Are you using 64bit PC?
    06-14-13 09:09 PM
  16. canu900's Avatar
    can anyone who knows how to do this make a video....
    06-14-13 09:12 PM
  17. Bure03's Avatar
    can anyone who knows how to do this make a video....
    guys its not that hard.. just read the instructions and keep on trying till you get it. im sure you will with a little of effort
    06-14-13 09:22 PM
  18. anon(4188201)'s Avatar
    Guys i need your help, every time I drag the two csj files on a-registertokens.bat i get "You do not have java.exe in your path. Is Java installed?"
    I'm running windows 7 64bit. I also installed java 32 bit (jre-7-windows-i586.exe). Any suggestions ?
    06-14-13 09:27 PM
  19. afiqhamzah's Avatar
    Guys i need your help, every time I drag the two csj files on a-registertokens.bat i get "You do not have java.exe in your path. Is Java installed?"
    I'm running windows 7 64bit. I also installed java 32 bit (jre-7-windows-i586.exe). Any suggestions ?
    Install 64bit java.
    anon(4188201) likes this.
    06-14-13 09:38 PM
  20. anon(4188201)'s Avatar
    Thanks I was installing the 32bit java. The right file is "jre-7-windows-x64.exe"
    06-14-13 09:40 PM
  21. canu900's Avatar
    i dont know how to edit this im still stuck on part "
    06-14-13 09:44 PM
  22. anon(4086706)'s Avatar
    Hey guys, after generating the BAR file, did you know you can set you app permissions (such as run in background) on the BAR file


    Posted via CB10
    annon91221 likes this.
    06-14-13 09:49 PM
  23. canu900's Avatar
    how and where do i set passpin
    06-14-13 09:50 PM
  24. ezapper2's Avatar
    Hi all I got through the complete install, loaded my debugtoken on my device but now im stuck.

    The last step is drop the apk on the bat file. here is the error i get.:
    Apk2Bar version 1.5.2
    Research In Motion Ltd ? 2012 All rights reserved.
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: and
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Settings\Owner\Desktop\Android
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Pack\
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: and
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Settings\Owner\Desktop\Android
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Pack\debugtoken.bar
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: and
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Settings\Owner\Desktop\Android
    [ERROR] Invalid argument: Pack\lib\test.mf
    apk2bar is a tool to verify & convert apk files to bar files.
    Usage :
    apk2bar <source files or folders> [<blacklist file>] [<Android-SDK path>] [-t
    <bar folder>][-w[1-5]] [-a <author name>] [-d [<debug-token file>]] [-m] [-rv]
    [-etr|-etl|-etn] [-ci] [-la<n>] [-R] [-os <version>]
    <source file(s) or folder(s)> - the relative or absolute path(s) of .apk, .cf
    g, .mf, and .png file(s) or folder(s) containing the file(s) for conversion
    [<blacklist file>] - optional path to a custom blacklist file; If
    specified along with the -w[<l>] option will force re-verification
    [<Android-SDK path>] - the path of Android SDK; If not specified set
    %ANDROID_HOME% system environment variable
    [-v] - prints tool version
    [-t <bar folder>] - optional target folder where the bar(s) will
    be generated; Otherwise the apk source folder is used
    [-w[1-5]] - filter out bar generation for warnings of or
    above this level [1..5];-w with no level means -w5
    [-a <author name>] - Package-Author name for the bar files otherwi
    se will use %USERNAME% or $USER
    [-d [<debug-token file>]] - set Application-Development-Mode: true with
    optional debug-token .bar file to be used for the Package-Author /Id attributes
    [-m] - use custom manifest file(s); e.g. Helloworld.
    apk to use Helloworld.MF
    [-ma] - add custom attributes from custom manifest fi
    le(s); e.g. Helloworld.apk to include attributes from Helloworld.MF
    [-ci] - use custom icon file(s) for each app 1st Entr
    y-Point; e.g. Helloworld.apk to use Helloworld.png
    [-etr |-etl | -etn] - Entry-Point-Name -truncate-right (default), -
    truncate-left or no-truncation
    [-la<n>] - pick launchable-activity n | n=0, 1, 2,.. | 0
    (default) = all, 1 = 1st, .., 100 = last
    [-os <version>] - optional specification of the minimal target
    Tablet OS version; e.g. 2.1, 10, or 10.0.9
    [-r] - find .apk, .cfg, .mf, and .png files recursiv
    ely in specified folders
    Summary: Total Apk files # 1 succeeded: 0 skipped: 0 failed: 0
    Summary: [5]=9; [4]=0; [3]=0; [2]=0; [1]=0;

    06-14-13 10:01 PM
  25. nischintvohra's Avatar
    hey , m stuck at this point from last 4 hours even requested the tokens thrice..
    everytime i paste both cjs onto the script its says "THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE PATH SPECIFIED
    i edited the pass pin many times but still no progress and the path for android sdk is also edited.
    no idea what to do next.
    06-14-13 10:07 PM
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