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    I've installed the Android version of the Trigger Trap application and it works near flawless aside from a bit of Google play service nag (I just ignore the warning). I've emailed the devs and they were delighted to hear a BlackBerry user (Passport and Z30) could use there app. I asked them to port it over minus the nags to BlackBerry World or even better, make a native app. It's a fantastic camera controller app that uses one of their cables to control your dslr camera like a Nikon d90 or Canon 7d or similar like the rebels too.

    Please please Please email their support and ask for BlackBerry support. I was very well received and they said they would if enough of us were interested.

    hello @ triggertrap . com (no spaces)

    "Hi ,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm very pleased to hear that the Android version of our app is working well on your BlackBerry device.

    The reason you can't get the Motion Sensor on your BlackBerry is that it isn't yet available on the Android version of our app I am sorry to say. We really don't like that both versions of our app are different, in fact half of our team are Android users themselves so we understand your frustration. We want the Android version to have the same functionality as iOS, but unfortunately we can't estimate when that will be. The problem is that the Android market is so expansive and fast paced that it is taking longer to code the app than we thought. We want the functions to work perfectly across all devices, and for that reason it is going to take some time, which we are really sorry for.

    What I will do is pass your comments on to our Development Team so they are aware that a BlackBerry native app is in demand. Please do let us know if you have any more feedback at all.

    Have a great day,



    Helin Resuli Customer Support Superhero, Triggertrap.

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    Wow! It's good to see them considering BlackBerry. I hope the trend continues for all apps.

     Z10,STL100-3/
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    07-28-15 06:27 PM
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    Yes, they seem like a nice company. Can you guys email them to request a BlackBerry App? Thanks!

    07-29-15 12:53 PM
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    Bump! Please email these folks to show interest!

    hello @ triggertrap . com (no spaces)

    07-30-15 12:13 PM

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