11-18-17 09:27 PM
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  1. darnellkeith's Avatar
    Have you tried installing without patching?

    Posted via CB10
    02-23-16 11:47 AM
  2. cosmomill's Avatar
    Have you tried installing without patching?
    The unpatched Signal App does not work with Cobalt's Google Play services cause of the App signature check.
    02-23-16 05:03 PM
  3. darnellkeith's Avatar
    Looks like it has the same issue as hangouts.

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-16 12:07 PM
  4. Throwyourway's Avatar
    What are the privacy implication to using Cobalt's google play fix?
    02-25-16 01:14 PM
  5. Leszek Lesner's Avatar
    02-25-16 01:37 PM
  6. darnellkeith's Avatar
    The same as using the normal google play services

    Posted via CB10
    02-25-16 07:47 PM
  7. cosmomill's Avatar
    If someone knows and has the accounts to convert it to an bar file and put it into BlackBerry World I would be glad
    You can easily do this by yourself, it is free and everyone is allowed to register as a BlackBerry AppWorld vendor. Order a code signing key, once you have received your .csj file you can use the command line tool "blackberry-signer" to sign your .bar file. You need nothing to install just download the "Command-line tools for Android Apps" binaries from BB's developer pages. The "BlackBerry APK Packager" to convert .apk files to .bar files is also included.
    03-08-16 05:40 PM
  8. werkregen's Avatar
    The Signal WebSockets Fork does not support voice call functionality which I need. I've managed to install Open Whisper Systems Signal.
    So here is what I've done on a Passport OS
    Install Cobalt's Google Apps follow the instructions on "Cobalt's official Google Apps landing page".
    You need to install Google Account Manager, Blackberry Google ID and Google Play services the Google Play store itself is not needed.
    Patch and install Signal follow the instructions on "How to patch Android Apps depending on Google Maps and Google Play Services".

    Messaging works with same restrictions as on the Signal WebSockets Fork.
    Sadly voice calls only partially working. I can call other Signal users but they can't hear my voice. Other Signal users can't call me. They can initialize a call but don't get an answer because it does not ring on my end.
    I guess this is a problem with the Google Push Service implementation in Cobalt's Google Play services.
    Does someone here have an idea?
    I also went this route and the app seems to be working better than Jolla edition. I didn't try calling yet.

    How are notifications for you? Mine seem to stop after a while and they come back with a phone reboot.
    03-09-16 03:37 PM
  9. cosmomill's Avatar
    Voice calls are partly fixed have a look at my Signal Fork at GitHub https://github.com/cosmomill/Signal-...eleases/latest
    Did you mean the Hub notifications? Are you still able to receive messages?
    Signal must be in an active Frame to receive messages see https://github.com/cosmomill/Signal-Android/issues/3
    03-10-16 06:14 AM
  10. cosmomill's Avatar
    It turns out that GCM in Cobalt's pre-patched Google Play Services doesn't work. You can't receive messages.
    So I switched from Cobalt's pre-patched Google Play Services to microG.
    Here you can finde the detailed installation instructions.
    03-20-16 03:31 PM
  11. cosmomill's Avatar
    Accessing contact is not working, so the communication tab is only named with the mobile number.
    Accessing contacts is allowed in signal permission details, so i think the android player is the problem, but i don't found permission details for the android player yet. Does anybody know?
    If you are still having trouble accessing your BB contacts please read this. It should also work if you sync your Contacts via Gmail, Exchange etc.
    04-04-16 06:06 AM
  12. Leszek Lesner's Avatar
    Update: 3.15.2 is available. This version is based on LibreSignal now as the JavaJens builds were not updated anymore.
    This contains the SailfishOS/BlackBerry10 registration patch (skipping the sms verification) and also changes the appId so that when you have a Jolla Edition installed already can easily upgrade without uninstalling the other version.

    You can find the updated apk here: https://app.box.com/s/ihpxg57ij1yl6ne501hamof3m0i8cpqz
    04-09-16 08:06 AM
  13. Leszek Lesner's Avatar
    New version 3.16 is out now:

    SHA256Sum: 21065490d72aacfbcf4ac8280240b29da1809d4069d70e6e37 403b3840fabe82
    lukars likes this.
    06-23-16 03:08 PM
  14. anon(8719892)'s Avatar
    Thanks again LL.
    07-02-16 09:26 AM
  15. John Vieira's Avatar
    Thanks, will be testing this out.

    Posted via a Priv on an 6.0 Mushroom
    07-15-16 09:55 AM
  16. anon(8719892)'s Avatar
    10 days life left in this current version as of today
    09-13-16 09:38 AM
  17. Leszek Lesner's Avatar
    Update: 3.19 now available.
    Sorry for the late post (there was 3.17 also available but I simply forgot to post about it)

    This one should fix the latest security holes.
    It does however not bring in new features that require changes in the protocol like the message retraction feature introduced with Signal 3.18. (This is basically due to the development stop on LibreSignal in general)

    Download RPM from here: https://app.box.com/s/ect8b6rm7qlop1na2xc4uvgi4npsq270

    SHA256Sum: 8fbc322146e7cd542b512f6a81727af1a16f5fa1f26307da93 138dfb1657cada
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    09-16-16 04:12 PM
  18. lukars's Avatar
    Hey Leszek Lesner,

    first of all I would like to thank you one thousand times for posting these signal builds here. They have literally saved me from buying an android phone instead of my beloved Passport.

    Unfortunately though, I am having trouble installing 3.19. on my Passport. After the init screen I keep getting the 'this app cant be installed on this device' notification. Is there anything i can do to get it up and running?

    Many thanks Leszek!

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    09-21-16 05:24 PM
  19. werkregen's Avatar
    Does it still work for you guys? Mine doesn't because I'm using an outdated version.
    10-11-16 06:16 AM
  20. Mohammed Kamran's Avatar
    Voice call don't work for me

    Posted via CB10
    11-12-16 05:58 AM
  21. Leszek Lesner's Avatar
    Update: Version 3.23.0 out now.

    Link: https://app.box.com/s/algi7obpzbhnsq54d3g1i2fvwicvzxov
    SHA256sum: bc6404c55ab2d28547b20f2600ca318223f520ff250386a267 9784eefa1a758f

    • Move null recipients check
    • Do not disable multiline input when enter key sends is activated
    • If receiving SMS disabled don't allow sending SMS (sending doesn't work currently with Aliendalvik anyways)
    • Disabled 90 days timebomb (no more banner message with countdown [though message sending might fail if protocol changes in the future])

    Voice call don't work for me
    It is quite buggy with the Websockets version still.

    Unfortunately though, I am having trouble installing 3.19. on my Passport. After the init screen I keep getting the 'this app cant be installed on this device' notification. Is there anything i can do to get it up and running?
    Should be fixed with the new version I hope.
    12-05-16 12:22 PM
  22. anon(8719892)'s Avatar
    I'm having issues sending normal SMS from within the LibereSignal app after making it the 'default SMS app' anyone else?
    01-18-17 09:36 AM
  23. arkenoi's Avatar
    Anyone, EVER, validated fingerprints with regular Signal users?
    02-13-17 07:55 AM
  24. santoshwins's Avatar
    Update: Version 3.23.0 out now.
    Thanks Leszek for doing this! I was following the github thread on libresignal a while ago and I thought it had died :-( but im glad this is working out somewhat. Looking forward to the updates and the calling function to work soon.

    Question: Is a websockets connection as secure as the regular one used by ows app?
    03-05-17 01:42 PM
  25. Mohammed Kamran's Avatar
    Question: Is a websockets connection as secure as the regular one used by ows app?
    The official 'Signal Privates Messenger' now support websockets and voice calls, you can download it directly from Google Play Store. It will work fine on BB10.

    Posted via CB10
    03-05-17 07:05 PM
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