1. cmsp's Avatar
    I'm hoping that someone can play around with this, as I think achieving it would be great.

    Using a regular Android device, it's possible to move apps to the SD card, or at the very least, using symbolic links to trick the App into loading some of its data from an SD card.

    Seeing as that blackberry's phones come with only 16GB to 32GB (excluding porsche design) of storage, it would be really useful for many people, I think, to find a way to move apps or app data to the external SD card. I doubt this is possible with actual blackberry apps, but it seems to me that it should be possible somehow with Android apps.

    Has anyone found a way to do this? Anyone want to try? Hopefully we can all work together and come up with a solution!
    12-29-14 01:34 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    12-29-14 02:33 PM

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