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    This app is not available in BlackBerry World.....android App installs..... opens .....but doesn't send message...suggestions please

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    09-12-15 10:22 PM
  2. DStLouis's Avatar
    Simply go to there mobile Web site. Tap the 3dot, -> Add to home screen ...Voila!
    You'll have it to your home screen in a similar way then any apps does. When in it, if your bank have a decent mobile site, you will event feel your using an apps.
    Whenever you have an app or web access, banking application transactions and account funds datas are web based so not much difference here.. you need a Web access
    + no longer need to update that apps
    + no usage of your phone internal storage
    + Nothing resident in your phone that may open opportunities for someone to grab your critical datas (especially Android apps)

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    09-12-15 10:36 PM

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