01-14-16 10:08 PM
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  1. black hole's Avatar
    Does anyone have the latest one?
    11-20-13 05:04 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Please do not post duplicate threads on the same topic.
    Your other thread is closed and this one will remain open .
    11-20-13 05:17 PM
  3. ssbtech's Avatar
    There are multiple threads for Square. Bottom line is none of them work properly with the card reader.
    11-20-13 10:36 PM
  4. black hole's Avatar
    There are multiple threads for Square. Bottom line is none of them work properly with the card reader.
    Actually, it's worked flawless since July for us, but the latest update is buggy.... hence why I asked the question.

    Thanks... I assume you don't have any constructive help?
    11-21-13 02:04 AM
  5. ssbtech's Avatar
    Actually, it's worked flawless since July for us, but the latest update is buggy.... hence why I asked the question.
    Which version do you have? Every one I've tried installs and works for manual entry, but the reader ceases to be detected until the next phone reboot, then only works for one launch of the app.
    11-21-13 02:46 AM
  6. black hole's Avatar
    I can't remember the version #... but it did work as good as on any android or apple product... I compared many times & asked questions of those users also. Any little probs I had were on par with their issues. Also, they are having probs with the new update, & so are upgrading to the even newer update, which is the one I don't have access to!

    The reader prob did show up a few times for me (as does for the other platforms too), oddly it was solved by only using the reader with a case on my Z10... as it must allow the reader to seat better in the headphone jack?

    All platforms have the occasional prob of the reader being seen as a headphone & the volume display going haywire... but it eventually stops.

    Hope this helps or clarifies
    11-21-13 12:32 PM
  7. ssbtech's Avatar
    I've tried 3 different versions of the Square app on my phone and all three had the same issue - they'd detect the card reader once, then if the app was closed and reopened or the reader was unplugged and plugged in it wouldn't be seen until the next reboot.

    Slightly OT, but this is what's going to happen with any of the Android app stores that may come to BB10. Inconsistent user experience and app quality. Something works for someone but not for someone else.
    11-21-13 12:51 PM
  8. black hole's Avatar
    I'm thinking there is something else to this... I can't imagine me having the simple & nice experience & you having a sh*t one...
    11-22-13 02:37 AM
  9. ssbtech's Avatar
    I can't imagine me having the simple & nice experience & you having a sh*t one...
    I'm not the only one, hence why I posted what I did above that you found ever so constructive
    11-22-13 02:56 AM
  10. black hole's Avatar
    Buddy, c'mon, I was looking for the latest version of Square... not your off the cuff predictions of impending failure from ported apps & other less than positive insights. I don't care that you don't like it, & can't operate it, that's your deal not mine.
    11-22-13 11:15 AM
  11. ssbtech's Avatar
    Instead of chastising someone who has had problems with every version of the app, perhaps you can share how you got it working reliably? There's many of us who want this working.
    11-22-13 04:32 PM
  12. The_Original_Modifier's Avatar
    What OS are you running? 1055 is running Square on mine just fine.
    11-22-13 05:18 PM
  13. ssbtech's Avatar
    11-22-13 05:39 PM
  14. pubcrawl's Avatar
    Been using it for a while on 1055.
    Works perfect for me.
    Latest release is 4.20 I believe.

    I downloaded the APK through Google Play and loaded it on the phone through USB.

    BlackBerry Z10 me likey.
    11-23-13 10:08 AM
  15. ssbtech's Avatar
    Been using it for a while on 1055.
    Works perfect for me.
    I'm not sure what 1055 is. I'm just on the latest Bell OS.

    All I want is for it to work.
    11-23-13 04:22 PM
  16. pubcrawl's Avatar
    I'm not sure what 1055 is. I'm just on the latest Bell OS.

    All I want is for it to work.
    It's the latest leaked software version.
    Works awesome.
    Lots of new features.

    BlackBerry Z10 me likey.
    11-23-13 06:18 PM
  17. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    They will work properly if and pending your OS and model, currently on my STL100-3 Os, using snap or side load Square latest version 4.5.2 works just fine with One exception. I had a problem initially until I could discover what was causing the Square reader not to read, or would work one time and not work again unless I did restart. I discovered consistently that it was my Jawbone BT, Z10 setting BT on was causing the Square to not work. Changed BT setting to Off, Restart Z and Square worked each and every time.. It's an Audio Headset software issue. Not releasing the Headset Audio to Speaker, etc.. Thought I'd share this FYI Enjoy Be Safe
    05-30-14 06:36 PM
  18. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Hi pubcrawl,
    One question, are you using a blue tooth (BT) ? if so what brand and what settings. For those who are having issues with Square Register Card reader, for myself had issues until I turned settings BT Off, Restart Z, and Square works fine. I narrowed this issue down to Audio Headset being captured by BT app or some other app and would not allow Square reader to function properly.. So I share this with you to find out what your hardware setup is? Thanks in advance - Ric Enjoy and Be Safe
    05-30-14 06:41 PM
  19. irweezyy's Avatar
    Actually, it's worked flawless since July for us, but the latest update is buggy.... hence why I asked the question.

    Thanks... I assume you don't have any constructive help?
    Probably should have included that info in the OP

    Posted via CB10
    05-30-14 06:43 PM
  20. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Update, past 24 hours testing Square Register card swipe Working 100% on now three Z10's, after constant plugging in dongle they have been recognized and working.. But, and there is always a but.. There was a procedure initially for all 3 Z's to get them to work. Had to do several restarts, remove Bluetooth, change settings for Audio master and notifications.. then once the Z's started to recognize the dongle consistently. I put the settings back as before the Square App and the Audio issue. The Audio Issue is why the Square dongle is not reading. Once you go through the earlier mentions I have posted about Audio Headset Speaker/ Handset and External Speaker not working The Square still working and swiping now 100% having tested it regularly in the last 24 hours on 3 Z's. It appears to be interrelated with Os, BT and setting.. By making changes and Restart the BB, you may have to do a full shut off. All will start working , call it settling in thing.. Note: With Square after opening the App. Please give it 30 seconds to a minute for the swipe reader to show that it's available.. the little red upper right hand symbol with line through it should disappear if it is communicating with the server on-line. You must have a 4G, LTE or E connection or WiFi available before the Square card reader will validate that it is working by the black Screen Flash "Reader Connected" or reverse when removed "Reader Disconnected" if your not seeing this, it is not working, or if the dongle symbol in upper right corner has not disappeared as well if it "does not show at all " when installing or removing the dongle, it means your Audio is Stuck or Locked up . If this happens it means that you will have to follow my earlier suggestions on how to get all this to work again on forum topic "Z10 speaker not working" to re-initiate and unlock the Audio issue.. This can take several restarts with changes to Audio settings, main volume and notifications settings, then once your audio is back to so called normal, try your Square app with dongle First after you verified that Audio is working on external speakers, by placing a call and switch from handset to speaker to headset. No Bluetooth at this point. Then open the Square App,place dongle in, it should work. Remove dongle, you should have notification that dongle is removed close the app and put your main volume and notifications back, as well as BT and try your Square. All should be working. I have found this success with three of my Z's after doing so. It is time consuming. I also believe this is related to Os, hardware and app compatibility.. as I did not have this issue prior to Os, prior I was using Hope this will help currently all three Z's are Os and Square app ver 4.5.2 latest version out for Squareup.com/ using Snap ver 2.0.2 side loaded for downloading Android apps directly to the Z's.. Again all three of my Z's had the same issue with Square reader until I preformed the above mentioned and other detail postings on Audio issues.. Enjoy Be Safe If someone know a better way please share.. Oh yes, someone mentioned 10.3 Os. do not recommend at the moment until it is fully baked... Please share your Os ver and if using BT, etc
    05-31-14 05:42 PM
  21. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Quick Update Now been 13 days,, of using the Square Reader.. the reader itself and the app is working.. Let me clarify. The card reader works most of the time, as long as the BB Audio does not become interrupted from an incoming call or notification from audio alert. The Square App itself for manual input of card works consistently. The card reader works consistantly as long as the Audio input/output is not interrupted as mentioned above. If it does. then you must shut down the app, and do a Restart.. Remember when inserting card reader, there is a slight hesitation before the Black Flag appears, as the reader must communicate with Square online connection 4g,LTE service and States Connected, etc. In past 13 days, the card reader has worked several times successfully during each day. It is my belief that with update of the Square App in interactions of the BB audio system. Will make card reader 100% , currently it is 98% as long as Audio lock does not occur. Simple work around for now. remove dongle. close app. Restart BB.. My current Os Release
    Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if I can share more.. Enjoy Be Safe and Keep Communications Open
    06-13-14 12:13 PM
  22. VancIsland's Avatar
    Works perfectly perfect on my Z30 & somewhat sporadic on my old Z10, which has been handed down to my not so tech friendly wife!... but gonna try the "bluetooth off" thing this weekend.

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 01:56 PM
  23. Ayush Garg 6228's Avatar
    How can I side load apps in my BlackBerry Z10


    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 02:50 PM
  24. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Hello Ayush Garg 6228
    There are several replies on CB as to methods to side load to the Z10. Just poke around with Search and you will have success. If your trying to use Android apps, Look into the Side loaded app called "Snap" once you have this app side loaded you will have the ability to directly find and load Android apps directly to the Z with Snap. It will give you ability once Snap is opened to do app search similar as you have with BB world. Hope this helps...
    06-24-14 06:42 PM
  25. ssbtech's Avatar
    Damn. I had Square Register working reliably with the reader and now this morning it won't detect it.

    We need to organize a mass tweet to these twits for a native app.
    CDM76 likes this.
    06-27-14 10:54 AM
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