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    I am currently using an Android smartphone but would not mind trying the Z30 provided that I still can use some Android applications I am used to (particularly, some dictionaries).

    Is there a way to know in advance which ones will work on BB10 and which ones won't ?

    Can someone point me to the steps one should make to sideload an Android app, please ?
    I am ready to get my neighbor, who has a Z10, to try this out.
    For example, would this https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...spot.com&hl=en work on Z30 ?
    I asked the dev about it but he does not know what it would look like either.

    10-18-13 03:00 PM
  2. Aguilucho's Avatar
    I would try to see If the app is on www.bb10bars.net. They actually have many android applications for bb10.

    Posted via CB10
    10-18-13 04:13 PM
  3. Aguilucho's Avatar
    Sorry the website is www.bb10bars.net.

    Posted via CB10
    10-18-13 04:16 PM
  4. Elite1's Avatar
    Thread moved to BB10 Android App Sideloading Forum. Tried to make title more specific for you too.

    Check out this forum, including especially the Sticky Threads at top of forum.
    10-18-13 04:17 PM

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