1. Paisley Pirate's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Was lurking about the pawn shops looking for tools, and came across a nifty bluetooth keyboard that works fairly well with my Z10.

    It's the Samsung VG-KBD1500. It is for Samsung's "smarthub" TV's. It has a decent sized keyboard (larger than my netbook) and a touchpad on one side.

    The touchpad activates a small cursor on the Z10 when it is active, so you can move it about. Gesture movements don't work or translate well, but going to the bottom of the screen and left clicking seems to work well some of the time to minimize a window.

    The keyboard will enter in just about anywhere. One oddity I did run into with it last night: I updated to .2228, and after doing so, reloaded the 4 android apps that I use frequently for my business back on. When it came to log on screens for them, the user name typed in just fine with the keyboard, but the email wouldn't do a Shift key (so, no @ sign) so I had to go to the keyboard onscreen to get that to enter in.

    For the price I paid for it (less than $20 - USED) it was a heck of a deal. I am still playing with it on my big screen, now that I have my micro HDMI cable to plug my Z10 in. Too bad I don't have a Samsung TV to really have it all down! LOL!
    03-14-14 11:40 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Thanks for the review.
    03-15-14 09:10 AM

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