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    I know that MotorMouth (that's you DreadPirateRegan hahaha!) has mentioned that Conite recommended a maximum number of Android Apps recently but I can't find it using search (sorry, I did try but the CB10 app isn't so good at search!).

    My phone has started to go a little weird and its since I've been hammering the pants off it and previously installed more Android apk's than I ever have before. I got a little carried away after I finally learned how to patch apk's to go with the Play Store magic! I'm well into double digits.

    I can definitely do without some of them as they were installed on a "just-in-case" basis before I heard of the limit.

    So, how many should I prune the apk's down to?
    (I'd also be interested in why Conite, if you have time?)

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    12-10-17 03:30 AM
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    BB10 was not meant to be a Launcher for a large repository of Android apps. The Android Runtime was a stop-gap solution to install a few missing, deal-breaker, apps.

    On the Z3, I would recommend a bare minimum - no more than 3 or 4. The Passport can handle a dozen, and the rest can live with 6-10.

    Android apps on BB10 hog system resources - mainly ram, and doesn't properly give it back to the OS, leading to memory leaks.

    Reboot at least once a week, or whenever remaining ram goes bellow 800MB or so.
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    12-10-17 07:10 AM
  3. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    Thanks Conite. Will do some pruning.

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    12-11-17 06:30 AM
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    This is handy to know about. Thanks for posting.

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    12-26-17 01:42 PM
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    When using my Z10 daily, I had as many as 25 android apps on it looking through my app list in the device manager. That's a combination of BBW android ports (maybe 6 or 7), and the rest from Cobalt's Google Play Store. Never noticed any performance degradation or lag because of them.
    12-26-17 01:51 PM
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    The fewer the better. If you're into Android apps I'd recommend getting an Android phone. I have been double carrying a KEYone and my BB10 (Z10 or PP) for a few months now, and I'm thrilled with the performance of my Z10 in particular now that all Android apps have been removed from it.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    12-26-17 02:51 PM
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    The fewer the better indeed Mr Adopter! Last night I went on an APK pruning mission and was very hard on myself. I had more than 20 Android apps on the phone, often just because I could, not because they were necessary).

    I am now using the native browser for:
    .Marriot (app was out of date, unsupported and wouldn't connect anyway)
    .SPG (maybe this never worked anyway, can't remember)
    .The Guardian
    .National Rail Enquiries (previously used Trainline)
    .Utility Warehouse (electricity meter reading submissions)

    I am certainly not "in to" Android apps but the following felt essential and I have left them installed:
    .FillLPG (essential: need this to find LPG filling sites and life was difficult before I patched it and got it working)
    .DS file (essential: need this for some files at work)
    .Deezer (love Deezer!)
    .eBay (mobile website not good enough, especially for saved searches, which is what I mainly use it for)
    .Ofo (for cycling in Cambridge, the bikes are unlocked by scanning QR code with app)

    I have left the following installed, but am considering my options:
    .Waze (considering deleting,this as it sometimes runs slow, but will monitor further as I may have more performance available now. Might pay for Genius Maps)
    .RingGo (parking in Cambridge... considering deleting and will start using the mobile site)
    I am trying to resist WhatsApp, but it might have to happen for International communication. Have told myself that if I can do without Waze and RingGo, I can reward myself with one new APK in the form of WhatsApp.

    Obviously, there are still the five Cobalt Google apps remaining: Google Play Store, Google Settings, Google+ Whitelist, Blackberry Google ID, Google Account.

    All in all, I am happy and hoping for improved battery life after the changes. Actually, with a bit of consideration and thought, a lot of apps could be easily gotten rid of because I never used them at all or I hadn't considered the mobile websites.

    Also, honourable mention to new native Dropbox client "Basket" which allowed me to get rid of the Dropbox APK, which again is essential to me for some files for work.

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    01-04-18 03:09 AM
  8. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    Deleted all of my Android apps and have decided to rely on the mobile websites for what I can and see how battery life goes. (Noticed BeMaps causes a plummet in battery, but can't really complain as Google Maps does similar on my Motion.)

    BB10Adopter, with your comment on how well your Z10 performs only running native, I bought a new red Z10, which I've always wanted! Matches it's red Passport friend.

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    01-14-18 01:35 PM
  9. Majid Awan's Avatar
    using my blackberry Q10 with 10 android apps.
    working perfectly and can be use more.

    Posted via CB10
    01-24-18 11:39 AM

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