1. Pir4t3's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    I'm having a problem with reinstalling " LINE " after the 10.3.2836 update

    i tried to uninstall the Application in order to install an older version. the problem is that i can't uninstall or install an older version!

    how can i remove the LINE now after this update ?

    Thank you so much.
    01-23-16 05:52 AM
  2. Smokeaire's Avatar
    Read the first post in this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=12206982
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    01-23-16 05:56 AM
  3. Rigardo's Avatar
    Same problem
    01-24-16 07:13 AM
  4. Smokeaire's Avatar
    Same problem
    Answer is above your post.
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    01-24-16 07:31 AM
  5. Ecm's Avatar
    Please join the discussion here.
    Posts 1 and 6 are the most relevant.
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    01-24-16 10:33 AM

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