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    Yes it can be done. Rooting PB was a logical thing since back then PB OS 1.0 or 2.0 wasn't fully functional. Hence, the need for rooting to run android apps. However, once PB OS 2.1 came out, there wasn't a point to root it since android apps (gingerbread) could be sideloaded and run smoothly. As I previously stated, the only reason to root a device is to install a better ROM/firmware. People don't really spend time to root bb10 devices because there is no purpose to do so. I have a working theory to load any ROM/OS that compatible with PB or BB10 hardware. However, playing with PB/BB10 is just a hobby. I cant just spend all free time for a hobby. If you want to xp with PB/bb10, download the simulator and play with it in VMware or Vbox. I probably gonna try to load bb10.3 on PB. I know that PB hardware can run bb10.3 since I setup the bb10.3 sim to the same specs as PB, and it runs. BB10.3 would run fine on PB hardware specs if only 1 or 2 apps run simultaneously due to 1G ram. BB10.3 cant be loaded into PB due to the difference in partitions. In order to load bb10.3 into PB, the internal PB partition must reconfig. I have a theory how to do this usinf cfp. Reverse-eng a program of 15MB in assembly is a very time consuming.
    well if you can root bb10 im sure blackberry would love to hear that and fix it

    although, how do you plan to unlock the bootloader so it lets you boot any OS?
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    How about just rooting the runtime so we can run android apps that want root

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    11-23-14 06:49 PM
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    11-23-14 08:50 PM
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    How about just rooting the runtime so we can run android apps that want root

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    You can't root a runtime, because there is no base Android OS to root - which is what gets rooted, by the way. A runtime is not an OS, and the BB10 OS is not Android.

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    11-24-14 09:31 AM
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    Why would you want to root the runtime anyway?
    The only reason to root imo is to get some apps working that need system or more hardware access.

    The apps that require root on my tablet are for example:
    PS3 gamepad support app which replaces the bluetooth driver, some linux chroot stuff and a addblocker as well as backup apps.

    Those apps wouldn't work on the runtime anyway because we don't have a android/linux as base os or standard android drivers.

    I would love to have a systemwide adblock on bb10 through a host files edit like it's done on android but this would require system editing in the bb10 base os I guess. So it will probably never happen. A good native browser with adblocking would be enough for me tho.

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    11-29-14 02:44 PM
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    To think of it now I should have known that no android os no fs to get root access to. But let's use ad blocker as an example since it already came up. Shouldn't I be able to fool the runtime into thinking that it's hostfile is somewhere else that I do have access to in order to idk block ads.

    There must be a way to do this. The android apps run excellent and for the most part seamless. Let's say I want to run root android ap like ad blocker or whatever it looks like bb10 fs and the fs that the runtime uses are Co mingled?

    Someone please send me a link about what exactly is the android runtime and how it works on bb10

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    12-08-14 03:41 AM
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    Any update on hostfile?

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    04-14-15 08:16 AM
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