1. CisnB_05's Avatar
    Hi all

    I'm thinking about getting myself the polaroid cube+ camera. It's a nice (and cheaper) alternative, with reasonable specs and reviews, for the gopro (-session) if you're not willing to spend 300 - 500 euros / dollars. Like the latest gopro-devices it also works with a compatible app which has offcourse only been released for android and iOS.

    Does anyone have experience with with using the polaroid cube+ -app on a BB10-device? Are all functions of the app fully accessible and usable?
    11-30-15 06:06 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    moved to the right area, hope someone can answer.
    11-30-15 09:24 AM
  3. CisnB_05's Avatar
    ...well since no one else commented or has experienced the Cube+ and the app, I will ...just so others considering a Polaroid Cube+ can be informed :

    Got the Cube+ last wednesday, and the connection with the android-app on my Leap went very smooth. Using the app is very easy and it responds well to all gestures. You can change the settings as you wish, switch from video, to photo, to burst mode and slowmo version in a jiffy and choose the quality of all recordings. All recordings are offcourse stored on the micro-sd card in the camera, and can be viewed aftwerwards on your BB.

    I also paired it up with my gf Ipad mini4 to compare it to my userexperience on my BB. The only difference on my Leap is when I hold the divice horizontal, the view/screen doesn't turn sideways too, and thus not "filling" the whole screen, which would give me a better view. Now the top and bottom-part of the screen (60-70%) are 'unused' and in the middle part of the screen a rendering of the view through the cameralens is projected.
    12-21-15 12:10 PM
  4. zocster's Avatar
    Thanks for returning and giving us a review!
    12-21-15 12:17 PM
  5. CisnB_05's Avatar
    no problem , and I've got some more to add to the above.

    So prior to today, I installed Android apps through the sideloaded app 'Snap'...but today somehow I resetted my Leap to factory-configuration . Luckally I made a back-up and instead of sideloading 'Snap' again, I installed the real 'Google play store', according to the instructions that Cobalt put out in this following thread.

    I read before that it was possible to install and I figured why not install the real deal?! So I reinstalled all my apps, via Blackberry world and the official Google play store.

    In my above post I pointed out that when using the Cube+ -app (when installed via Snap), no matter what position you held your BB10-phone in, the rendering of the view always stayed as in the below picture:
    Polaroid Cube+ on BlackBerry 10-polaroid-cube-_screenshot-app.jpg

    But thanks to installing the app via the official Google Play store, when I hold my Leap horizontal, the rendering of the camera-view is now filling the screen! Just what I kind of hoped for (happydance)!

    (on a seperate note: So this made me think (I've offcourse not read all threads on the board), maybe there are other apps of which the useability is limited because of the installation through Snap?)
    12-22-15 03:06 PM
  6. Cobalt232's Avatar

    (on a seperate note: So this made me think (I've offcourse not read all threads on the board), maybe there are other apps of which the useability is limited because of the installation through Snap?)
    Indeed there are a lot of apps that only will run better if the real play store is installed. This is not just because of the Play Store. It is also because the Blackberry Google ID app emulates the Google Services Framework (GSF), which is originally missing on our BB devices.

    You can get even more compatibilty by installing my solution for Google Play Services. Apps like Google Youtube, Google Maps, Google Photos or even games will then run with their full potential.
    12-22-15 05:21 PM

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